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Possums Movie Poster

In this episode Nancy and Wayne discuss a little known classic film called Possums, starring Mac Davis, Cynthia Sykes, and Greg Coolidge. The film follows the story of a small town’s high school football team that finds itself cancelled after a 13 year losing streak. The team’s announcer finds a fun way to keep the […]


Pottersville Movie Poster

Pottersville, directed by Seth Henrikson and released in 2017, is a quirky holiday comedy that takes an unconventional approach to the Christmas spirit. While the film has its endearing moments and a talented ensemble cast, it falls short in fully capitalizing on its unique premise, resulting in a somewhat disjointed and tonally uneven experience. The […]

Paul Blart – Mall Cop

Paul Blart Mall Cop Movie Poster

Paul Blart: Mall Cop, directed by Steven Carr and released in 2009, is an entertaining and lighthearted action-comedy that combines slapstick humor with an endearing underdog story. While the film doesn’t offer groundbreaking plot twists or deep thematic exploration, it succeeds in delivering laughs and an enjoyable cinematic experience. The plot follows Paul Blart (played […]

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad Movie Poster

The Monster Squad, directed by Fred Dekker and released in 1987, is a delightful throwback to classic monster movies, wrapped in an adventurous tale that captures the essence of childhood wonder. This action-packed horror-comedy follows a group of misfit kids who form a club dedicated to their love of monsters. Little do they know that […]

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time Movie Poster

Wayne and Nancy use their lunch break to talk about the 1944 Cary Grant classic, Once Upon A Time. This film will delight audiences with its whimsy, over-top-acting, music loving insects, and animation. If you are a fan of Sing!, A Christmas Carol, or Cary Grant films, check out Once Upon A Time! As of […]

Six String Samurai

Six String Samurai Movie Poster

On today’s episode Wayne and Nancy use their lunchtime from work to talk about the 1998 film Six String Samurai starring Jeffrey Falcon. Tune in now to find out what we thought of this cinematic gem.