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How I Got Into College

Released on: 19 May 1989 • Rated: PG-13 • Runtime: 86 min

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Savage Steve Holland
Writer: Terrel Seltzer
Actors: Anthony Edwards, Corey Parker, Lara Flynn Boyle

Plot: Marlon has a crush on Jessica, who’s running for senior-class president and wants to attend Ramsey College. Marlon wants to go wherever she’s going. Problem: low SAT scores.

Box Office Gross: $1,642,239

Awards: 1 nomination








The plot of this film revolves around the crush Marlon (Parker) has on Jessica (Boyle) and the lengths he will take to try to get into the same college she will be attending. Unfortunately, Marlon has terrible ACT scores and no extra-curricular activities or volunteer work that will help him get into the same school.

One of the greatest things about this movie are the scenes that take place in Marlon’s imagination while studying for the ACT. The two men who are in many of the questions are visualized as being in the ridiculous situations described in the questions. Marlon stresses so much about the questions that both men end up meeting an unfortunate demise every time they appear. Man B is played by Tom Kenny, voice of Spongebob Squarepants.

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