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Episode 7: Possums 1998

Starring: Mac Davis, Cynthia Sikes, Greg Coolidge
Rated PG
Possums Movie Poster


In this episode Nancy and Wayne discuss a little known classic film called Possums, starring Mac Davis, Cynthia Sykes, and Greg Coolidge. The film follows the story of a small town’s high school football team that finds itself cancelled after a 13 year losing streak. The team’s announcer finds a fun way to keep the spirit of high school football alive in their small town, which leads to some unexpected antics and results.

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00:00:00 Welcome to lunchtime movie critics, it’s Nancy and Wayne. And we are here with a new episode. Um, you can, I guess, call this our unofficial season two and we are kicking it off with the movie Possums. Now this movie, yay. This movie was released in 1998 and stars, Mac Davis, who passed away in September of 2020. So this is kind of in memory and memory of Mac Davis and, um, such a fun movie. Uh, it’s also football related and the super bowl is on Sunday. So I guess that can correlate as well. There’s all kinds of connections.

00:00:49 Yeah. All kinds of great connections. So Nowata, Oklahoma is where this movie is based and I love the name Nowata. That’s a great name. I’m going to just start there. So Wayne, first time seeing this movie, what did you think?
I really liked it actually. For being a movie that the only actor that was anybody of note was Mac Davis and most people might not even know who that is. And I want to, and I want to tell a little story about a connection that I have to Mac Davis sort of at the end. Okay. I’ll just throw that in at the end. But, um, but uh, for, for all of that, I, it was really good and being pretty low budgets. Um, no, it was really good. It was cute. It was, um, very, uh, family friendly. Um, and uh, yeah, just a good, good original story.

0 00:02:04 I love the storyline. Yeah. Um, so the small town of Nowata is shrinking people like that first scene, you see? Oh, there it goes. So, and so I got a new job in a different city,

00:02:17 Kind of like Pottersville in that regard,

00:02:20 Kind of reminds me of that. Um, and that’s when you meet Will Clark played by Mac Davis and he owned a hardware wear store down in the town. And the three old guys that sit on the bench in the front of the hardware store are probably my three favorite characters in the home of me.

00:02:43 Yeah. So, uh, we should probably mention that it’s called possums because the team, the football team, the high school football team is the Nevada possums. Right. And, uh, and Mac Davis, like when you first see her will Clark, I guess when you first see him in the movie, he’s a child and he’s announcing a fake football game, right. Like with his army men and toys, and he’s making this fake game and announcing it as if you were the announcer.

00:03:13 Yes. And then he ends up being the announcer for the Nowata Possums. And I love that. He’s like we almost had a touchdown for the first time in 13 years, 13 years. Like that’s such a long time to go without any kind of score

00:03:37 At all. Yeah. So the very first note I’ve made out of here is the, the first game that you see the end of this game, that he’s announcing that, that they lose 72 to zero. Now I know you’re into sports Nancy. Um, but I, you know, I was in marching band. I’ve seen football games, 72 points in a football game seems kind of ridiculously high, right?

00:04:07 It is, it is ridiculously high. Um, like college doesn’t even go that high most of the time, like they’re usually the team is good enough that they can stop them, you know? And there have been teams that have scored. I’m not saying that there haven’t been teams that have scored that high because I’m pretty sure it’s North Dakota state have run up the score. Oregon has run up the score at times, Alabama. We cannot, if you are a sports fan, most of you will probably hate Alabama because they’ve run a budget, national championships. I’ve lost track. I’m not bitter or anything, but, um,

00:04:50 But 72

00:04:53 Is a ridiculous score. So this poor team loses 72 to nothing Gusseie they didn’t even score a field goal. Ouch. Like that’s, that’s tough.

00:05:12 So, so that’s, uh, being like the very first thing we see kind of sets up this whole film, right. Because, um, that is really the, sort of the impetus for the who, who is the guy? Is he the mayor,

00:05:27 The mayor shuts down. Um, he puts out a petition to get the football team, um, shut down no more high school football program. So it goes to town hall and will Clark gives this impassionate piece about how, you know, it’s more than just winning stuff and the town still holds it.

00:05:52 Yeah. Well, and one thing I didn’t actually, uh, no, actually I did put a note about this, that, um, the captain of the football team gets up to the podium and I think will thinks he’s going to like, you know, say don’t shut us down. Right. He says, he says, we’re tired of being invited to other teams homecomings because they know they can beat us. It’s demoralizing. Please cancel the team. And you just see, we’ll just drink. Just sad.

00:06:25 It’s just hard. Like it’s, you’re torn at this point. Like, yeah. I feel like there shouldn’t be a football program on the other hand, these poor kids. Right. Like that’s just, yeah.

00:06:40 That it’s just sad and depressing. Yeah. So it was, I can’t remember if it’s before that meeting or after the meeting that will, um, that the three friends on the bench that you mentioned. Um, and I don’t know their real names. Um, but this is one quote that I have on here, um, that will basically tells them they can’t sit in front of the store anymore because they are essentially voting. They think that the town’s correct. And they should get rid of that too.

00:07:09 Yeah. That’s I think that’s AF after they voted it down, I’m trying to remember. I can’t remember.

00:07:19 Just remember that will re calls them Judas, Brutus and Benedict.

00:07:26 Yes. I think that’s after I think that was after they both, or maybe it was like right before the vote, because

00:07:34 Maybe them saying that they thought that should be a vote and yeah. So, so there’s this cute line where they’re sitting on a bench, like across the street or something and they’re like, I miss the bench.

00:07:48 Yeah. Those three guys. My favorite. They’re hilarious. I like the guy that whittles, but he’s always handling

00:08:00 Just the comments between those three are so funny. I know I have some of them in here.

00:08:05 I haven’t, I have one, um, he’s the guy like when you’re looking at the three of them, he’s all the way on the right. And like, I don’t, I didn’t write down their names either. Should’ve gone to IMDV and like figured it out, but all the way on the right. And, um, they broke the news to will that there, there was this petition, the mayor was trying to get the football team shut down. And, um, the guy on the left was telling him all of this stuff and the other two are looking at him and he tries to like defend himself for breaking the news to will. And the other one’s like hush up. You’ve lost your speaking privileges. Sorry, trying to get through that, that laughing. That’s funny.

00:08:53 Yeah, they were, they were pretty funny. And guy, he does that like three times, I think, through the movie where he says something kind of out of turn something that he shouldn’t say, and the other friends are like kicking him. Right.

00:09:05 That’s a consistent theme throughout. Um, but moving forward, the team is shut down. And, um, that opening game of the season will decides to just go to the stadium.

00:09:23 Right. Just to kind of just reminisce before. Cause they’re also going to tear down the stadium to put in like a, like a box store or something

00:09:33 Like Walmart.

00:09:36 Yeah. Right. So, so he’s just sitting in on the bleachers drinking root beer. Right. And this kid, um, I don’t remember the kid’s name, but this, um, high school guy just kind of shows. Oh no, he was already there. Wasn’t he? Yes. Okay. He was in the dark on the field, toss it around the football or something. I don’t remember it. And um, and so they kind of, you know, we’re chatting, but Matt is or will, is just, he’s just sad and depressed. And so he’s not very, he’s not super nice to the kid at first. Right. Um, but then he, he kinda starts talking to him a little bit more

00:10:24 Jake Malloy

00:10:26 Was that yeah. Yeah. That sounds right. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah. So he starts talking to him a little bit more and, um, sort of, sort of difference him. Um, and um, yeah, so I don’t, I don’t remember exactly how that conversation in the stadium goes, but then, but then we’ll say like says, come with me. Right.

00:10:55 And they go up and they get, he turns on the lights for the stadium.

00:11:01 Right, right, right.

00:11:02 And illuminates the whole field. And he goes out to the announcer box, wasn’t it. And then he starts announcing the game.

00:11:12 Now wait, did he? I don’t, you didn’t do it there. He,

00:11:17 I thought he just like started announcing the game.

00:11:21 I think he drew turns on the lights and the chatting. Then I think he takes the Jake with him downtown to the radio station. Radio station has a key to of course, small town. Of course he has a key to the radio station.

00:11:41 And then he starts announcing this fake game. It’s not going on. It’s not a real game, but he just starts, he knows all the players names because he had announced the games for years and he knew all their numbers and he knows all the other teams. And so he just starts announcing this fake game and the possums win in this fake game and he keeps doing this and the people in town start turning on their radios and they start listening and they all know it’s not real because the kids are like sitting in the diner next to them. And this goes on and on for weeks. And there’s some different opinions about it.

00:12:26 Yeah. So, so right at the end of that, I think the radio station owner shows up and he’s like, what are you doing? No, it’s during, I think it’s like, what are you? You can’t do this. And, and, uh, he will kind of convinces them, you know, the tell them, it’s like a radio play, you know, I need condenses the radio station owner to let him keep doing it. Um, but the owner is kind of worried. He’s going to lose, um, ad funded. People are going to, companies are going to pull their ads on them because of this steak thing. Right. Right. So we’ll make some sort of a deal that he will pay for all the advertising. She’ll just advertise his store, you know, and make up for all of the lost ad. Right.

00:13:16 Which is a biz like logically, like he can write that off on taxes, you know, it’s not a bad business move. Um, but yeah, he pays for all of that advertising. His wife is kind of on the fence about this.

00:13:32 She’s the principal, isn’t she of the school. Right.

00:13:37 She’s kind of on the fence about it. And she kind of goes back and forth and then eventually she gets kind of frustrated with the whole thing, because he’s so passionate about football and kind of displaces his wife. Um, and doesn’t like connect with her so much anymore. So like, that’s going on in the background of all of this week after week, he’s announcing these games. Um, people start putting up boards in their windows, like their shop windows of possums and then like the schedule and whether they won or lost and like what their win is, you know, um, what the record is and everything,

00:14:22 Oh, even, even the team, even the guys who were on the team who would be playing this year, if he came, hadn’t been shut down, they’re even talking about it and congratulating each other.

00:14:34 That was such a great game.

00:14:38 Yeah. Like telling the quarterback, like, you know, a great play last night or whatever, you know, and yeah. They’re, they’re like owning this fake thing that’s happening. Right. Which is great. Um, I think I, there was a part where he records the three friends, like hooting and hollering to have like, to have like crowd sharing background in ways. Yeah.

00:15:01 Crowd noise. Um, and then as it goes on the possums, get to the playoffs, so to speak And it continues on and like get to the state championship, but it’s not the real estate championship. It’s the fake one. And, um, by this time the other news stations from around the state have gotten wind of what’s going on in Nevada. And so they talk about there’s two state championships going on this weekend, a real one, and then a not real, sorry, still makes me laugh.

00:15:49 Um,

00:15:51 Right. It’s a really funny concept. And then the state champions decide they want to play the possums. And then like that’s a whole nother situation that will, is trying to get himself out of, or not out of, but,

00:16:11 So, so, so working, working up there’s a little bit more before that happens. Um, like one of the things I thought was funny and I don’t remember who says it, it might’ve been the friends. Um, but somebody who says like, don’t you think this is getting out of hand? And it was like, at least we’re winning. It’s like, how can we be winning? And we don’t even have a team.

00:16:34 It was like the mayor. Oh yeah. Listeners. It’s been a, since we had watched it, we tried to rewatch it and you can’t get it right now. Okay. Right. So, you know, if you want to access this movie, you have to get it through a library. So it is not on a streaming service at this moment. Or buy it. You can buy it on Amazon,

00:17:00 The DVD, they might be on beta max somewhere. Yeah. I’m just kidding. Okay. Um, so, uh, then, you know, just talking about the whole, like people congratulating, the team members and stuff. Um, so Jake, the kid that, that, um, he’s befriended and hired at store, um, who really likes football, but doesn’t play football. Um, but he, this girl that Jake likes, you know, that they go to school with, she comes into the store, I think. And she congratulates him on his touchdown, which was cute. And the girl actually, I remember looking it up at the time because she looked really familiar. And I think she was somebody who was just, she was in a lot of like nineties movies, but a big name, you know, that we would know or anything. Um, um, and then, so I thought this was cute. So Mac Davis, for anybody who may be listening to our listener out there, um, Mac Davis was a, um, that musician who was a singer songwriter and he also had a variety show. Did you know that he had a variety in the seventies? I think it was, um, which, you know, variety shows were a big thing in the fifties, sixties and seventies, they were kind of done by the time we would have been watching late night TV. But, um, anyway, so he was a big game. What I thought was cute was, um, when you you’re his ad, they already ad playing on the radio for his store and singing it.

00:18:39 Oh, I didn’t know that. Yeah. I

00:18:40 Mean, unless you’ve really heard his music, you wouldn’t have recognized.

00:18:45 That’s really a cool thing.

00:18:47 He’s saying his own jingle

00:18:50 Probably wrote it too.

00:18:56 Um, so yeah, so, you know, paying for all of this ad, all of his own ads, he, uh, the store is not making enough money. And so he’s kind of struggling a little bit and he asked to, um, mortgage the store. And so that’s this point of contention between him and his wife too. Right.

00:19:17 Yeah. And so eventually she decides to move out and so she’s moved out of their house and, um, he’s still trying to keep up the expectations that the town has set for him. And, you know, I’m trying to help this kid, Jake trying to reconcile with his wife, trying to reconnect with his son. It’s like, there’s a lot of stress for him. Right,

00:19:47 Right. Um, one of the lines, uh, quotes that I have, some of the three friends that I have written down is one of the guys there might’ve been that same guy on the right that you were talking about. But he said, um, I don’t remember what he was talking about, but he said, I saw a lot of it in the service. And one of the guys that’s all you saw on the service was pots and pans. Like I said, a good chef knows men

00:20:13 Totally owns

00:20:14 That, but I just thought that was cute.

00:20:18 That’s funny.

00:20:19 Yeah. So, so, so they get up to the playoffs and the wife who is still like, they’re still kind of fighting, but she is, um, listening to the playoff game. Right. Is that what it was? Yeah. Um, the fake playoff game and, uh, will walks in or, you know, she hears the door and so she like switches the stationary quickly. She doesn’t want him to know that she’s on board with this in a way too. Right. Yeah. So, um, um, I think that’s what it was, but anyway will tells her he’s going to stump, right. Like probably mostly to make her happy and you know, he’s going into debt and all this, but she says what the positives are in the playoffs.

00:21:12 Yeah. So even she like kind of starts getting behind it, even though it’s been, you know, a little bit tough on their marriage and their relationship.

00:21:23 Right. Right. So I don’t remember if somebody must’ve said this to playoffs are being played tonight, the real one and the fictitious one.

00:21:34 Yeah. I thought that, I think that was from the news.

00:21:39 Yeah. One

00:21:39 Of the news stations were saying that two games are being played tonight. And so the possums win that game. Right. And then, um, the state champions, I think are the ones that they roll into Nevada was big fancy bus and then like get out and we’re like, we want to play you

00:22:07 Well. So, so the, the fake playoff game, I thought this was really cute that they had a pep band. Yes. They have the, they have the marching band or pep band or whatever, right. Oh yeah, of course. So I was like, well, that’s awesome that the band got together to play

00:22:28 Long enough to be in marching band.

00:22:30 I didn’t like marching them, but I loved that band. That was fun. Um, so yeah, when the state championship, the town goes crazy and that was what you were talking about. Prattville yes. Shows up. So it can confront Wilbur because the news coverage has been all over this possums victory, and they’re just shadowed by the box. Right.

00:22:53 They always win. So then the actual game, um, they said will happen in two weeks. So they gave them two weeks to do any prep for the possums to you’re ready to host prep.

00:23:10 And we’ll kind of as the one who says that, right. He’s like, you know, challenges them to a real game right.

00:23:18 In two weeks. So then we’ll reach out to his son who is an actual football coach to come and help these kids get ready for this game that he just knows they’re going to get demolished.

00:23:34 Right. Well, and they have, they have, uh, you, you, here’s some things earlier in the movie that he and his son had this sort of contentious relationship to, um, all related to football. Yeah. Right. And him pushing the kids too hard and whatever he gets hurt. So yeah. So he, uh, yeah, it’s difficult for him, but he asks the son for help. Right. Okay. Um, let’s see. Oh, and the other big thing that happens with that is that, um, the, the demolition date for the stadium is within this two week period. Right. So, um, so he begs the mayor and kind of forces the mayor to change the demolition date for the stadium so that they have a place to, to play their game in two weeks.

00:24:26 So a lot of different layers to this, a lot of different things that are going on kind of simultaneously, but they’re all revolving around this football team. And so this is kind of a big deal for the town. Um, for the high school, everything is kind of converging on this real game. The first real game of the whole movie is going to the stadium.

00:24:57 Right. Well, and now you know that they’ve just gone through this whole season winning, what do they expect them to beat Prattville? We don’t know.

00:25:09 We don’t like, I don’t, nobody really says like what they’re expecting. Um, but there is definitely this winning spirit that they’re just hoping that they’re actually gonna win this game.

00:25:24 Right.

00:25:26 The coach from Prattville is like this, the weirdest thing. Cause he sees all these people in the stands, like the night of the game is packed. They have their pet band. They’ve got cheerleaders. They’ve got, I mean, it’s, it feels like a real game.

00:25:47 Yeah. Yeah. Um, so some of the lines I just thought were super cute, you know, like there was one earlier, um, cause it was a small town, right. So there’s a small town feel about it, but there was, there was a line that was like, he went down on like a 29 cent pair of socks, you know? Um, and then there was another one at this, during this game, the real game that was, these kids are scrapping over the ball, like ducks on a June bug.

00:26:21 It’s like the weirdest analogies,

00:26:26 You know, colloquialism kind of, you know, have their own little cliches and whatever. So I thought that was cute. Um, so, so they’re playing this game and they’re not, they’re not winning,

00:26:40 They’re not winning. They’re, they’re losing terribly, but the possums

00:26:45 Are, are fighting writing. Right.

00:26:47 They’re working hard. They’re trying to defend this team. And the score is again, lopsided, just like in the beginning. Um, not as high as 72 to nothing, but it’s still a lopsided.

00:27:04 Right. And, and that coach, I think it was tells the team, like we can’t go back to Pratt bill if we don’t win this game, but they are, they are winning. Or maybe it says that at the beginning. Yeah.

00:27:15 Yeah. The coach from Prattville is like, this would be insanely embarrassing.

00:27:22 Remember what happened? So the first part of the game, maybe the first half, I don’t know, the possums are putting up a really good fight and I don’t think that those even scored yet. Right.

00:27:32 Defensively, they’re actually able to stop the team. And that was, um, a big difference from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie. Like they actually are able to hold back this team from scoring and then gain amount of points. But the possums just don’t quite get in the mic.

00:27:55 Right. Um, so, so they start to lose hope as the Prattville pirates start to do a little better and they start scoring. Um, and uh, so Malloy Jake Malloy, who, again, doesn’t play football. There’s something about him getting pitch that there’s some issue, but I don’t think we ever really know, um, what that is. Um, but anyway, he’s the backup quarterback. And so when the quarterback goes down, he gets sent again, um, which he’s like totally freaked out about. And, uh, he does get hit, but it gets back up right. And he calls the next play and they continue planning. So the, I said in my notes here, I think the score at this point was 27 to zip with seven seconds left in the game. Okay. Um, and obviously that’s the pirates, the pirates

00:28:56 Prattville is winning, but you can see that the positives had stopped him. And so instead of it being this insane score to zero only 27 to zero

00:29:07 Only 27 with seven seconds, seven seconds left. So how does this, how does this end? Thanks.

00:29:23 So the, sorry, I’m laughing already. So this Jake Malloy could, um, throws the football. It gets caught and they score a touchdown. The first touchdown that the Nevada possum score in 14 years. So then the crowd goes crazy. They scored, they didn’t win, but you would’ve thought they won

00:30:00 People on the field. I mean, it’s, they

00:30:04 Go all out? Like

00:30:06 They won the super bowl. Yeah. Yeah. So I love, I love that last line. The pirates coach asked the rep is like, cause he’s very confused. And he looks at the rack and says, we won didn’t we? And the, the rep says, yes, sir, you did. But the whole town and the possums are acting like they want out of excitement for this one touchdown they’ve made them 14 years.

00:30:35 Right? Yeah. So the, to wrap up this whole movie, the football team is reinstated. The city wants to fund a football team again, demolition is denied. Um, so no big box stores coming in, uh, Well’s wife moves back home. So that relationship is restored. And there’s just this sense of pride now in the city. And so it’s a very unique movie. It’s a really fun movie Bitwise. Even if you don’t like sports, right. Wayne,

00:31:15 As someone who doesn’t like sports, I’ve seen a lot of sports movies and I read it

00:31:21 A lot of good ones. Have you watched Invictus?

00:31:29 Yeah. No.

00:31:31 Another good sports movie.

00:31:33 No. When I say good sports meetings, I’m talking like major league knocks. Now the mighty ducks is not a great movie, but the bad news bears like the original one from the seventies. Yeah. That’s what I thought that was a good

00:31:51 Leave of their own. So good. A league of their own. Oh yeah. It’s all good. Um, based on these, just going back to baseball fever pitch, that’s probably one of my favorite ones. Jimmy Fallon. Now through Barry Moore.

00:32:08 Here’s a little trivia for you though. Um, fever pitch. I don’t know if you know this or not, but fever pitch was written by Nick Hornsby. I believe who a great writer. Um, one of my other favorite movies of all time is on the high fidelity, starring John from sack and written by Nick Hornsby. Um, so he’s written some great

00:32:29 Stuff written by the same guy

00:32:31 And he’s British and, uh, fever pitch. There’s an original British version of that movie. Not as funny, but it stars

00:32:41 Cause it doesn’t have Jimmy Fallon and drew Barrymore in it.

00:32:44 Right. It does have a name. You’d know I’m the main character, but I can’t think of his name.

00:32:51 Any British movie. You probably know if the actors from any other British TV show or movie.

00:32:56 Okay. Colin first I think. Yeah. I think that’s it is pride and prejudice. Well, yeah. I was actually thinking mama Mia

00:33:07 Pride and prejudice came first.

00:33:10 Okay. But yeah, mama Mia is more accessible.

00:33:15 No that, okay. That’s for another show we’ll go into, we can go into the different versions of pride and prejudice and that could be like a five-hour show like that version with Colin.

00:33:31 Yeah, that is true. Okay. So I have to, as we wrap this up, I have to tell you my story about Mac Davis. It’s a weird connection. Um, and I don’t know if we have any listeners on this show that know me, but um, I’m curious to get Nancy’s reaction cause I’ve never told you this story, right? I

00:33:52 Don’t think so. I’m very curious.

00:33:54 Okay. Okay. So, so I didn’t know who Mac Davis was at all. Um, prior to, uh, I was aging myself here a bit, but it’s probably like 17 years ago now. Um, I was working at call center and I worked, uh, I sat in at a desk behind this woman who was significantly older than me. And one day she turns around and we got along really well. And she turns around, she says, I heard a song on the radio last night that I hadn’t heard in a really long time. And it reminded me of you. And I was like, Oh, okay. That’s cool. What was it? It was like, the song is old Lord. It’s hard to be humble by Mac Davis. And I was like, huh? Yeah. I’ve never, never heard it. So she’s like, well I’ll make you a tape. Alright, great. So

00:34:46 Did you still have a cassette player?

00:34:50 Yeah.

00:34:51 In 2004 you had a cassette deck.

00:34:54 Yeah, I did. Yeah. Now I’d have to listen in my car. Cause that’s my place. I have the tape now. But um, but anyway, so she makes me this ticket.

00:35:03 I don’t even have a cassette deck in my car.

00:35:06 Well, I only drive 20 year old vehicles. So, um, I have to show you my new car one of these days. Anyway, she makes me this tape. She brings it in the next day. Um, I bring it home that night and I listened to the song she’s talking about and the song here’s like the first verse of the song. It’s like, Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way. I can’t wait to look in the mirror cause I get better looking each day to know me is to love me. I must be a hell of a man. Oh Lord. It’s hard to be humble, but I’m doing the best that I can. And that’s the whole thing is just like that. Right. So I hear this and I’m like, what the heck, Adrian? So I go home to work the next day.

00:35:51 I’ll make you, do you see me as being conceited or arrogance? And she’s like, Oh no, no I didn’t. I don’t really know why it made me think of you now there’s more to the story. So don’t think that’s it. But she’s like, okay, that’s cool. So flash forward like seven years. Okay. And I’m working for a different company, an internet company in town and our installer was out on installations or whatever, the sport in the van, what was an old van that had an am radio. He gets back to the shop and he’s like, dude, I was driving. And I heard this song on the radio. That totally made me think of you. And I was, I said, it wasn’t a Lord. It’s hard to be humble. Is it? He’s like, yeah, how’d, you know, wait, Anyone I’ve ever told this story to like either just doesn’t believe me, that happens. These two people who had no connection to one another hearing that song. And he had never heard it before, you know, but she had known this song, you know, when she was younger. So, uh, that, and uh, most people, I think don’t think I’m arrogant and conceited, but um, some people

00:37:11 Apparently do

00:37:14 Weird, weird thing. That is weird.

00:37:19 That’s really funny. And then it was written and sung by Mac Davis. Yeah.

00:37:27 Yeah. I mentioned that. Right. But it was, the song is so if you haven’t heard the song, you should listen to it because it’s funny and it’s, it’s pretty good and it’s fun, but I don’t, I don’t think it’s me. I don’t think it’s either. Well, welcome to season two, our out official season. Hopefully we’ll be back soon with another hopefully

00:37:51 Pandemic and all. It’s been weird and weird.

00:37:55 Um, so do you have anything else you want to add?

00:37:58 Um, no, but did you have our next movie picked out because this was your pick? Yeah. This was like, Oh my gosh,

00:38:11 Man. The pressure pressure is killing me. I think, I think we should do Shaolin Soccer.

00:38:19 Yes. Yes. Shaolin Soccer and yeah, let’s do it

00:38:27 As the challenge. Our next movie will be Shaolin Soccer to see if you can find it and watch it and then listen to Westlock. Okay. All right. All right. Well this was fun. I said it’s been a while getting back into the swing of it. So you want to close this out? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I need to get back work Nancy, but yeah, I, it felt like I just heard like a bam. That was my son because he’s fine. He’s fine. Good. Right. Well until next time lunches.