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Episode 5: Pottersville 2017

Starring: Michael Shannon, Judy Greer, Ron Perlman
Rated PG-13
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Wayne and Nancy found two absolutely perfect Christmas movies for their loyal fans! Join them as they discuss the finer points of this Sasquatch fueled romp that is only loosely based around Christmas.

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00:07 Hey lunchies. This is Nancy. And this is Wayne. Welcome to lunchtime movie critics. Today we are discussing the 2017 film Pottersville available on Netflix, starring Michael Shannon. Ian McShane. Yeah, Judy career and a handful. Oh, Ron. Ron Perlman. Yeah. Great actors. Super weird plot, which is why I chose it. Yes. So intro into this town, it’s a down on its luck town. The mill has closed, nobody has a job. You in the intro, you see all of these for sale signs or closed signs and it’s really kind of sad and you go, Aw, sad town. But then you see this great scene right at the beginning of the general store and Michael Shannon, Michael Shannon’s character. And you see like this mom and her son and what lean forward. Oh, sorry. I always do that. And she like, you know, everybody’s poor in this town because everything’s closing.

01:19 So she’s like, you know, I know that my tab was really high, but can I put this on credit? And he’s like, Oh, of course. Yeah. You know, and so you, sorry. You know? Right. It’s her name. And this bulls out this book and write your name down and write and stuff like that. And then this guy named Bart comes in with a whole bunch of meat laid by N McShane. He is awesome. He’s like my favorite care. He’s, yeah, that barn is probably my favorite character in this film too. He’s like followed by Brock because yeah. But we’ll get to him like a silly, yeah. So anyway, he comes in and the main character is Maynard. The owner of this general store too, has the book of credit and anyway, he comes in and buys some elk steaks from, from Bart. Yeah. That’s like a trapper.

02:10 That’s like Bart’s only gig, right? He’s, yeah, he’s a trapper Hunter and apparently drinks a lot of his own moonshine. Yep. And so he leaves a bottle of moonshine. I feel like that’s an important thing that we needed to leave because he’s like, you need to get crazy. Basically telling me, nerd you, you’re too straight-laced. Right. He said you to get a little crease. So Maynard says like, that’s doesn’t it. That stuff will make you crazy. Yeah. I love this line. He says something, Bart, to something to be effective. If the thought of flying through space on this rock at 60,000 miles an hour with only one way off, doesn’t drive you crazy. Yeah. Nothing will or no. And so then Maynard’s like, okay, I’ll take them moonshine, the elk steaks, and he’s going to go home early. And what kind of the gist is he something like you need to,

03:00 You need to get out of this store and you need to breathe life. Right. There’s nobody who says breathe, breathe. Yeah. Yes. So he decides he’s going to leave early, take these elk steaks home to his wife, get some wine and flowers and surprise her at home and with a nice dinner. Yeah. So you life, right. Exactly. Yeah. So he gets home and I love,

03:24 Nope. Yeah, his house was gorgeous. Just from, for those of you who don’t know, I own an old house and I love old houses and this Victorian is just amazing and I love it. And like the colors and it’s beautiful. And anyway, so he gets home to his beautiful old Victorian home.

03:45 Right. And I love that when he walks in the front door, he’s like, he’s like, honey, I’m here. And he hears, I’m like, Hardell bark. Yeah. How, well, not barking, but how, and he’s like, she get a puppy and he runs upstairs, all excited. [inaudible] Walks in on his wife and Ron Perlman’s character dressed as a bunny and a Wolf respectively. And

04:11 Although he mistaken and for a squirrel. And my favorite line in this scene is from prom and correcting him every time I’m, Oh, both. Okay.

04:18 It doesn’t make sense if I’m not a Wolf. Yeah. So he’s very confused by all of this and they just keep telling him that it’s that they’re, they’re part of a club, right. For a reason. They’re part of a club and they don’t have sex. It’s not a weird thing, except they like to put on costumes. So here it is. Okay. So that’s one of the weird things about this movie. And that’s one of the reasons why I chose it was because of one big foot and to the whole furry club, which is just right. It’s super weird. So weird. But it ends up like kind of tie in the big foot thing, which we haven’t even said that yet, but that’s fine. So yeah, the furry club. And then my favorite part of that scene, cause it’s just so ridiculous is Ron Perlman’s character is Maynard’s best friend.

05:07 His name’s Jack I think, right? Yes he is. He is. He’s the sheriff. And so he says this as Maynard is getting ready to leave upset, he says, Hey buddy, we’ve been friends a long time. I need to ask you a favor. I’m kind of a big deal in this town. We need to, can we keep this between us? So he’s like thinking that this is the weird thing going on between his best friend and his wife and now he’s asking him to keep it quiet cause they don’t want that to get out that he’s a furry cause he’s the sheriff,

05:39 Right? Yeah. Well and then so he, the next scene is him back at the general store and Judy Greer’s character please. She plays Parker who is the general store assistant. She helps me in and out at the store. And so she’s closing up the store and he comes back and he’s drunk and he’s had half that bottle of moonshine, the wine and the wine. And so then he comes back and he’s just smash. And my favorite line in this conversation, cause she’s like, what happened? And I wrote it down and he says, I went out to breed some life and then life decided to take a poop in my face.

06:20 And he says, he says rabbit and squirrel. But to be precise, and that’s exactly how it was a Wolf. Right? That’s important.

06:32 Okay, that’s important. And then she’s asking what’s wrong, what happened with Connie and

06:40 Do you have that line? He says it’s been replaced by the Easter bunny is evil drunk. He’s like, there is no Connie replays bunnies, Easter bunnies, evil twin. It’s so funny. It’s so cute and sad at the same time.

06:54 It’s funny. It’s sad that you’re kind of like, Oh, that’s a bummer.

06:58 I love, I love that she’s like really concerned about him and he’s drunk and she’s going to like, you know, take him back to her place, you know instead of letting him stay there in the store and he says, do you belong to furry sex club? And she’s like, you know what? I think you’ll be fine. [inaudible] I think he’ll be okay. I got to leave now because he didn’t, he didn’t really tell her. He just made these random comments. So she has no idea.

07:28 She has no idea. And so he’s drunk and he is sitting there all alone now because Parker’s left and I can’t remember exactly what he said right before it. I think I have it. You have it. You took that note down? Yes.

07:43 If we’re talking about, same thing he says, he says, all right, I’ll play freaky forest animals with you. [inaudible]

07:50 And so he sees the ghillie suit hanging up in the cammo area of his German general store. And he goes, he gets some Kim on the ghillie suit on and goes in the back frames, the Halloween costumes and puts on gorilla gloves and mask and just goes around town screaming. It’s this montage of him like yelling and going [inaudible] like all over town in the dark, in the dark. And he’s drunk.

08:18 Drunk. Yeah, he wakes up. So he wakes up the next morning. So what’s the, the employee’s name? Parker Parker. I can remember that. So she wakes him up, he’s asleep in the office and she like bumps him with the door and she’s like contrasting it out here. And so he comes out and sees the store is full of people and the, they’re like watching the TV and he starts to put together that there is something going on. Right. And and you’re seeing these interviews with the people at the town and showing these little clips of like his flashbacks of the things he did. And one of the things was like, like the old guy, I think he’s like, he’s like, and then he drank from the fountain of the little boy peeing or something like that. And you see him like getting down and drinking from

09:11 Pan right into his mouth. Yeah, it was really funny. So there’s this whole big foot sighting and my thought with this is like, like no one can see that it’s a guy in a ghillie suit with a mask. They see what they want to see, so it takes off. Everyone wants big foot merchandise, there’s big foot tour buses, all of this stuff kind of weird. But the whole town is just exploding with people that want to see Bigfoot and so he keeps it up and that’s kind of the big thing is that he is still dressing up and going out and pretending to be big. But one of my favorite things is when he goes by the house of that family, as they’re putting up their Christmas tree and the little boy looks outside and sees him and goes, Merry Christmas, big foot waves at him. He’s all like outside the window.

10:13 Yeah, it was. It was just, it was so cute. And so he really is just doing this because he sees that it’s making the town happy and making the money. Like people are coming in and spending their money there and that’s good for the town.

10:27 And like these, these two young guys create a bunch of merchandise to sell and they’re selling it in his store.

10:34 So excuse me. Yeah. So everybody is profiting, you know, either financially or just their mood, you know. So he, he feels guilty though about all this publicity and so he takes the costume and a duffel bag to Jack the sheriff, his friend to try to tell him what that it’s really him and my like, great line. Favorite line from that scene is Jack is like, I don’t really have time to talk right now because I’ve got all this other stuff going on. And there’s some conversation about the furry, it’s about the furry thing and but Jack says it could have been anyone from the club up there in your bedroom. And he goes, thanks. I feel a lot better now.

11:21 Like that makes me feel any better at it. Could’ve been anyone.

11:27 We don’t have anything special. It could’ve been any of them. Right? Yeah. and then I don’t remember exactly where this line was, but Maynard says something like she’s been enjoying all kinds of animals lately, right after that. But I don’t remember why.

11:47 I don’t remember why either. It’s all related to the furry thing. So, yeah. Yeah. So anyway, Brock shows up and who is Brock Brock is the host of monster finder or something like that. I think that’s what it’s called. And it’s this TV show like I think of like the ghost Hunter type people or man versus wild mythical creatures. Right. So he’s searching for mythical creatures, like he says he’s like looked for the Yeti and that she put [inaudible]. Yeah, he mentioned, so he’s Australian, right? Very, very poor accent. But he’s supposed to be Australian. So he’s like going out and talking to people and like trying to figure out where the big foot has been seen. And so they go out onto grasshopper Hill and they are looking for the Yeti. And I love that when the camera is on him, he does like 20 different takes, different things. So like, let’s do that again. Yeah. Oh, let’s have the spectacles that made it more interesting. Or that was fun or something like that. And he like jumps up and takes his glasses off like David Caruso style. Right, right. Totally. Yeah. CSI. He might have me right there. And then he is where do I find a foster?

13:17 Oh yeah. And they were like, what? And he goes, so stra you and for beer. I’m like, okay. I don’t know if Australians really drink fosters.

13:25 I don’t know either. Yeah. And then he sings a song about the Yeti.

13:30 Right. Which is totally, like, I wrote a song about the Eddie and they’re like, you know, they were like, play it. And he’s like, Oh, you don’t want to hear it, but here’s a guitar. I’ll play it right now. You know, like feigns fans, modesty. And then he has it anyway, and it’s actually the whole time. Right.

13:43 And and he, you know, in this little community, dedicates the playing of that song to Nelson Mandela. Yeah. She’s just like, that’s weird. Yeah. I think it’s that feign humility kind of thing that you talked about. Like I’m totally humble. I’m gonna to dedicate this [inaudible] I don’t even know, but you can tell it. He’s in the area and Chi and that, right. He’s planted up. Right. So anyway,

14:12 So then at that point Bart offers to catch the Squatch because at this point it’s all about just finding it and catching it on film. But Bart, who’s the Hunter trapper, he offers to catch it.

14:27 Yes. Yup. He wants to catch it. And the way he interjects is so funny to me that he does the chalkboard. Oh, on the scratch fingernails on the chalkboard, just scraping down to, to interrupt the scene. What did he call him, mr singing’s television man. Right, right, right. And like that scene, you can tell, obviously Bert is the expert in trip trapping and hunting animals and

14:59 Just, you already, you already get a point or an idea by this point that Bart finds this whole thing ridiculous. Oh, totally. Yeah. Yeah. Which, which shows itself really, and just a couple minutes later so the next thing they do is they go out to try to catch it. So it’s basically like the whole town with the Brock Brock, thank you. And Bart is there and Jack and and so then Brock finds a dead deer and the deer, his leg is broken and like, you know, bent the wrong way broken. And he like, he gets down and he says like, like, Oh, I’ve seen this before. Yeah. With the Australian, Maui or whatever. And that basically he breaks the leg that way, you know, like that’s what he does. And, and Bart says, Ori could have stepped in that hole and broke it and died of exposure. Right. Which is the more logical explanation. He’s like, Oh, no, this is definitely the Yeti. And and then Brock says something like, he finds some SAP and he goes, like, on the, I don’t know if it was on the deer or on the tree or something, but it was on a, it was on a stick, on a stick. And he goes, he goes, Squatch feeds on CAEP he said, seek to feed. It’s powerful of the beetle. So tell

16:21 Like, you just know this guy is just ridiculous and he just becomes more and more ridiculous as the show goes.

16:27 Oh yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. So I think this might be a good time for break. Okay. Okay. And we’re back. Woo. That was a great break, but it was great. It was awesome. So so at this point now they decide that that Bart needs to like not have the whole town with them. Right.

16:54 Well this not quite yet. There’s the scene where they’re like, okay, we’re going to set up on grasshopper Hill at night. And so like it’s just Brock and his crew and Maynard is there, cause he knows what they’re going to do. Right. It’s not like Brad keeps it a secret or anything. So Maynard gets all dressed up, goes up there and then, so he starts like trying to communicate with the beast clap. Yeah. And then he’ll like do these different calls and whatever. So Maynard starts calling back and the production guy that’s supposed to be the one who’s actually the one that’s actually calling back is getting a freaked out and he goes, that wasn’t me. There’s something out here. And so by the time like Maynard gets up close and goes up, rawr like out, everyone’s scattered. Like he totally freaked out. It’s the thing they’ve been looking for. He shows himself and they all run in my line from that that I pulled out with. I don’t think they got their picture.

18:01 He’s so dejected that they do get their pictures. He’s doing all of this for them. Very selfless. So that’s when they approach Bart, right, right, right. To get Bart involved, to actually track and possibly kill big fights. And so then so was he, he was going to go, what? Was he going to go alone or was it going to bring Brock with him? Or Brock said, I’m going just going to be Bart and Brock and then the sheriff Jack was like, he’s like, I’m coming. I’m coming with you. Yeah, because he can just imagine that Bart would actually like hurt.

18:38 I need the buffer, right? Yeah. So the three of them go out there. So there’s this, so they set up a tent and everything. They’re going to kind of camp out there trying to find him to catch him in the snow in the cold cause it is December. And and there’s this great line and I don’t remember why he says it exactly, but but Bart says this to Brock, I think he says, I don’t think you’re stupid, but when it comes to thinking you have bad luck. Yeah, I wrote that one down too. I love that line when it comes to thinking you have bad luck. And yeah, my Mark and I were watching this together again because we’ve seen this several times. If you guys didn’t know this was the movie that sparked this whole, it was the whole cast. This was the movie cause my husband watched it, made me watch it with him and then I was like, Wayne has to see this. See exactly the kind of movie you’d love. Mark was going to join us today by the way. He is, he was going to come, but he’s, Edward mentioned stopping by too, but no matter where either said Burt either. So it’s just us. But anyway,

19:54 So, so they’re out in the wilderness doing nothing. And then you see Parker so they’re doing that and Maynard is out? No, he’s not out there. Out there obviously is at the general store working partner and they have this conversation and they, like Parker says, Bart’s going after a big fight and meetings. It’s like, what do you think he would do? And she’s like, I think he’d have his head stuffed on the wall. And so like you can tell that there’s this, Oh no, he might actually try and kill me, but I go out there. So I’m so then Parker, I hopefully, I’m not jumping over anything, but Parker finds the suit. Yes. And she doesn’t know, but she starts, she started like, Oh, this is weird. Like it’s in the bag. I think. So she’s like, why is there a gorilla mask and a ghillie suit in a bag?

20:48 It’s weird. But there’s just a look. She just has. Yeah. So then it kinda jumps back and forth at this point. And it goes back to them out there searching for him and something happens. You’ve got Bart with a tranq gun and Brock has a tranq gun. And I think Bart is trying to let Brock think that he is going to get him, like shoot him with, because they think they’ve got him. And but what actually happens is Brock shoots Jack with the tranq gun and takes him out. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Which is funny cause I mean Jack is this big imposing man. Yeah. Which he did not look good in this movie, but that’s all right. And then Brock, you know, looks scared once he realizes that he just tracked Jack that like he’s gonna kill me when he makes up.

21:48 And then Parker does come to the conclusion that Maynard is Bigfoot Bigfoot because she offers for him to come over and they, she’s like, I make a mean Jiffy pop. And so, you know, she offers for him to come over and he’s like, no, I’m good. I’m going to just stay in tonight. And that’s when it clicks for her that he’s big foot. And so he is going to go out there and she knows that Barb’s probably going to hurt him at some point, but before that, before he actually goes out, the story just gets more awesome and more weird. And they hear stuff going on out there and they’re like going towards it and they see these lights and they hear this music and they’re like, what is going on? And it’s the furry club out in the middle of nowhere. Like first ever outdoor meeting, they decided to put up lights and dance and costumes.

22:51 Right. And it was like their big foot spirit call or something. I can’t remember. I didn’t write it down and I should have. But yeah, and as they get closer to it, Jack, who’s now awake looks scared, right? Because they’re gonna find out that he, he sees the furry club and it’s going, Oh no, he’s trying to like, no, that’s nothing over there. Let’s, let’s ignore that. And Bart’s like, no, we’re gonna see what it is. And Brock’s kind of just following along at this point because he shot Jack with tranq gun. So I’m just going to do whatever. Just says pretty much if you’re Jack and Bart tell me is they like go in there and Bart is like, what is this? This is so weird. There’s like furries everywhere.

23:38 And they start like hugging him and he starts getting into it.

23:41 The rock does not burn, but Brockton Brock is like, all right. And Bart is like a freak crazy so well Jack admits at that point that he’s part of the furry club and then Brock is all in it and then Bart just takes out his gun and shoots into the air. So he shoots in the air and it catches everyone’s attention and he’s like, y’all have to get outta here. So he gets the whole club outta here and Jack and Bart and Brock all go back to their camp ground and yeah, it’s really awkward after that. Cause Bart’s like you guys can sleep outside.

24:25 He like RD. Didn’t like Brock who now is maybe going to join the club and Jack is like a weirdo now to him. So he’s like, you guys can sleep outside. Yeah. So then they do, Maynard is out there in costume and they do actually shoot him with the trunk tranquilizer dart and, but what’s funny to me is they don’t look at him obviously, because it would be pretty obvious that it’s a ghillie suit and a gorilla mask. Right. They just cover him with a blanket.

24:56 Well Bart does because Bart’s the one that shoots him. So I think Bart knows, I think that’s my, my theory is that I think Bart knows that it’s Maynard when he shoots him, just get the, with the drink guy and then he’s covering him with a blanket. It’s not an idiot. He’s like an animal. Trappers. Right. So he knows that it’s a person and I think he’s made that connection that it’s metered. Okay. And so then they load them up into Barch truck and they bring them into the town and everything. And Brock’s like we got ’em and I’m just like shouting and telling everybody to come to the square. So everyone comes into the square to see what’s going on. And those Parker like come running up. Yeah, she’s freaking out because she knows what’s going on

25:51 And she jumps up on the truck and like pulls his mask off and everybody sees that it’s Maynard

25:56 And they are angry. They’re so, it’s angry mob time. Like they are so furious and some of them are like you into Christmas and new year’s and Millie, Millie, the little lady, I’m going to kick my big foot up. Your butters. Yeah, something like that. Like they all say terrible things to Maynard. And so Parker is now like trying to restore Maynard’s reputation. Right? So after that incident, the next day she calls everybody, he’s packing up the store. He’s just, he’s just going to move them and everybody hates them and they need revenge on him, I guess. I don’t know. They’re all very at him, so he’s going to leave. So she calls this meeting and this is the most heartfelt scene. It’s great. It’s, it’s a really great scene. She, she tells like, you know, it’s not the entire town, but like, you know, out of key characters that have been in a movie, she holds up the credit book and she says, you all know this book and their heads all kind of lower a little bit because Maynard’s given them all credit. Right. And she’s like, you know, says something about you at one time or another. You’ve all had your names in this book. Yes. Yeah, yeah. And they, and it’s obvious that they all have, they are. Yeah. Because nobody has a job. He’s extending credit to everyone. Everyone. And so she’s like,

27:31 Opens the book and they realize it’s blank. It’s completely empty. Never recorded a single credit that he has given to anyone in this town. Yeah. So everyone to get any of his money back. No. Everyone feels,

27:46 I think guilty that they’ve said so many different things about him, but now they’ve, they feel like, wow, he’s, he really was this great guy. Right. And then they probably a little conflicted cause at this point they still don’t even really realize why he did it. No, nobody really knows why he did it. And then the news reporter Gutierrez over pronounces her name. Yeah. She comes in and she asked him like, why did you do this? And he goes, I just saw how happy it made everybody. And he’s just like, saw how happy. And so he’s like, girl. So I did it. And that was kind of it until she was like all packing up and he’s all packing up his store and the news reporters going to leave and he’s going to leave and whatever. And like the entire town starts filing into the store to give him whatever little money they have.

28:41 Right. So like it’s a wonderful life scene, which Pottersville obviously there’s that connection to it. Was that the name of the town? And if he, if he was never born, yeah, it was renamed to Pottersville. Oh falls was renamed to Pottersville. Oh my goodness. You never made that connection. Oh, no. Yeah. This is totally like, it’s a wonderful life kind of spoof movie. Oh, okay. Okay. All right. Well now that we’re 30 minutes into this podcast, so anyway, everyone comes in very, it’s a wonderful life. They’re putting, you know, they’re signing the book and they’re putting money in the book and they’re bringing them whatever they have. And Millie apologizes for saying what she did about her big foot. Yes. Everyone apologizes. Everyone that said mean things to him in the square comes up to go home and say, I’m really sorry for what I said about, about ruining Christmas and new years and all of this stuff.

29:45 Yeah. And it was such a sweet moment. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. A very, very, very heartfelt, like you said. Yeah. In this silly movie that now, you know, everybody realizes that Maynard has never done anything to hurt any of them. You know, and I like this quote and I think this is when he’s talking to the reporter that first time around and he says, hope isn’t the most realistic thing, but it makes the world a better place. And we thought that was a really good touching like moment because it’s true. He was just trying to give him hope, like a little bit of money, a little bit of income to get this struggling town. So they all apologize. Connie comes in, right? And she’s all over him. Oh yeah, get back together and wear that ghillie suit again and like, and he says, you know what Connie, you were right. And she’s like, I know honey. It’s okay. He’s like, no, you were right that we should split up.

30:48 And she is just all what taken aback and she leaves, she’s obviously very full of herself and expect that to go her way. Right. Great. And then he and Parker get together, get together. He asked her if that rain check for tippy pop is still okay and they get together and you can see this montage towards the end of the movie of, you know, them taking out alone and then revitalizing the old mill. The Pottersville mill becomes the big foot museum, right. So that people from all over will still come to their town and spend their money. And so yeah, they create this great tourist attraction and the lady and her son that you see at the very beginning of the movie ties back in. She’s coming by to visit her husband on his lunch break because Maynard gave him a job. And I thought that was pretty cool.

31:47 It was a great movie. It really was. Yeah. I know. These movies that we talk about aren’t always good movies. This was a very good movie. It w it was, it was really corny. Yes. But it was good and I got a good message. It did have a good message. It was a little weird. Oh Brock, we never brought up Brock again. So towards the end you find out Brock is a phony. He’s from New Jersey and he was going to Sue them. By the way, he was going to see the whole town for damages, $150 million or something like that. You know, the town’s like broke. Okay. And so then come to find out he drops the charges because it’s found out that he’s a fraud. He’s a fraud. And so he gets fired from his job and doesn’t see the town or at least I get that impression.

32:42 Yeah. Yeah. It’s funny. It’s a good movie. It was really highly recommend it. Yeah. Let me see. That was a fun movie. It was a fun movie. So this was obviously sort of Christmas related cause it’s December. And so we’re actually special treat for your lunches. We’re doing two Christmas theme. And we’re a week or so,

33:12 Our Christmas break here at the college,

33:14 We will put out another episode for a 1987, I believe is the terrible Santa Claus, the movie starring deadly Moore and John Lithgo and David [inaudible]. Yes. This sounds amazing. And a little teaser for ya. Part of the reason I love this movie and have since I was a kid is because of the color. Puce. It’s such an ugly color. It’s such an ugly word, but it has, it’s featured in the movie a little bit. So yeah, 87 I think the Euro’s born. Yeah. And it’s a, it was in theaters. It was a, there was a big deal cause it’s Santa Claus colon, the movie. Yeah. You’re into these eighties movies. Well a lot of eighties movies fit into the theme of our show, so it works. But yeah, we could do a whole thing about weird music from the 80s too. So I agree. So anyway, so look, look forward to that and a couple of weeks and and a couple of really quick things. If you liked the show and wouldn’t mind going to Apple podcasts and rating us and leaving us a little review that helps other people find the show. It’s amazing to see how people from all over the country, you’re just kind of slowly picking up the show and listening to it. So

34:45 We have listeners in over 13 States, which is wow. Okay. Let’s be honest here. How many people did you think would listen to our podcasts?

34:56 Five. Not just kidding. I have no idea. Not many.

35:00 No, that’s probably what my estimate. I was thinking like no more than 10 people we know are, yeah, right. Our first episode is 41 lessons as of today, six strings saner. Mariah is 41 listens and that just like blows my mind.

35:15 [Inaudible] Yeah. Thank you. So we want to keep it up so if you can leave a review for us, that would be helpful. And then the other thing is you can be included in future episodes. If you want to watch any of these movies, you can go to our website, lunchtime movie and there’s a place in the menu where you can click and leave a voice message up to a minute long. And we’ll include it in the show.

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36:22 [Outro Music].