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Episode 1: Six String Samurai 1998

Starring: Jeffrey Falcon (Actor, Producer, Writer), Justin McGuire (Actor), Lance Mungia (Director, Producer, Writer)
Rated PG-13
Six String Samurai Movie Poster

Six String Samurai

In the post-apocalyptic world of 1960s Nevada, a rock ‘n’ roll samurai on his way to Lost Vegas takes a young orphan boy under his protection as Death and his metalhead Horsemen chase after them.

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00:00 [Theme Music].

00:05 Hello and welcome to lunchtime movie critics. I’m Wayne, I’m Nancy. And uh, the, the, the point of this show really is, uh, you know, to share movies with each other and all of you. And, um, sometimes they’re not amazing movies. No, they’re pretty terrible. Yeah. Hopefully.

00:25 Yeah.

00:28 So, uh, the first movie that we’ve chosen to, uh, to talk about is a movie called Six StringSamurai, rock and roll. Rock and roll. Samurais post apocalypse

00:41 and Russians. The Russians are involved and there’s a, there’s a few Mexicans too. Oh, right. Yeah. Cause that’s, that’s what a dystopian future looks like and Las Vegas gets its name changed to Lost Vegas. Right, right. Uh, and Elvis is king. Correct. Or was he was and Slash is trying to take over the world. Yeah. That was the impression that I got. Anyway, let’s start at the beginning of the movie. So my

01:16 favorite, my, one of my favorite lines from this movie, um, was in the first five minutes of the movie, uh, where the main character, who doesn’t have a name, I don’t think, no, no. Nobody’s ever got a name for him. Nobody’s ever named in the movie. Um, so I don’t know what we’ll call him. We’ll call him Buddy. Let’s call him Buddy.

01:37 Yeah. Cause he looks just like Buddy Holly. Right, right.

01:42 Which I think lots of people do in this post, in this dystopian future. But basically, I mean the premise of the movie, I guess we should start there. Right? So the premise of the movie is that, um, the bomb was dropped and the U.S. Has pretty much been destroyed all but destroyed. And, um, Las Vegas becomes the new capital. Um, but they call it Lost Vegas and, right. That’s never explained either. It’s not, they just say Lost Vegas. Yeah. Yeah.

02:12 Copyright reasons. Maybe. I don’t know. Is that copyrighted name? Yeah, just kidding. Nah. So, yeah.

02:20 Uh, and um, right after that all happened, you know, 50, 60 years ago, um, Elvis became king. Cause you know, he’s the king, right? Yeah. So, um, seems like a loose premise there. But, uh, so, uh, anyway, at this point I think, uh, I think you get the idea that either he has died or his heir has died or he’s going to die.

02:46 Something like, it’s not clear very, a lot of loose ends in this movie. If you go to watch it, just go in with that mindset of you’re not gonna really understand everything right. Often

03:00 it’s not all going to tie in, but there’s a lot to talk about, oh, this is going to die or is dead or something. So we need a new king. It’s the kind of movie that you’re definitely gonna Watch and then discuss. Yes. In detail. [inaudible] with podcast friends. Yeah. Significant other in the middle of the night. Why was that? Oh goodness. Mark and I had a lot of conversations about this movie I made. My husband watched this movie with me so that I would have somebody to talk to you other than you Wayne. That’s okay. There’s no way I’m getting Erika to watch any of these with me. I’m sure. So, um, Easton watched part of it with me though. So, uh, anyway, this great line, um, right in the beginning, first five minutes of the movie, He runs into this little boy who is, um, an orphan I guess.

03:46 And also I just, he has issues, but that kid or the kid, yeah, no, the kid, he watches his mother die in the first couple minutes of the movie. He is right there when she passes away, picks up her arm and then drops it and doesn’t shed a tear. If I lost my mom, I would be a mess. He’s probably seen a lot up to this point though. The kid is like, I mean, how old would you say is, I’m going to guess he’s like eight to 10 years old and this, but he doesn’t cry until you skins his knee. That’s true. So yeah, the kid’s got some issues. So let’s just start with that. The kid’s got some issues, watches his mother die. Doesn’t cry. Well, I have to say this, this line that I was going to talk about is, um, seems weird that it would affect that, but you know, it would have any effect on a kid who’s like eight to 10 years old, right?

04:42 So, uh, basically buddy is, is uh, trying to get this kid to leave him alone and he makes this comment where he says, I had to summon the spinach monster with my rock and roll magic and uh, and the kid still hangs out, you know, he just follows him. He just starts, saves him. Right. Spinach, monster couldn’t say that correctly. He’s not afraid of anything. He has to deal with Russians. Barbarians, all that’s right. There’s barbarians, barbarians in the beginning and they throw a gumballs gum launch gumballs and that is their defense in the hundreds of hundreds of gumballs. I have a note in here, actually at 19 minutes gumballs? Gumballs? That is, there’s, there’s no guns. There are Samurai swords and gumballs and guitars and guitars, right? Yes. Oh, and that guitar. So he’s rocking this really cool guitar. Right? Um, I am not a musician much and so like, I don’t know what it is, you know, it’s just like, it’s like, it’s like a hollow body fenders and was like a sixties like rockabilly Buddy Holly kind of guitar. Yeah, right buddy Holly kind hit guitar. And that thing is literally indestructable well it’s got a sword

05:58 in it. I mean duck taped to it. The sheath is like duck taped to the, to the actual guitar. And it never breaks. Like Jimi Hendrix couldn’t break that onstage. I’m almost certain light it on fire. It’s, you didn’t know the thing never breaks. So my, like you told us about this movie, Wayne, so you’re the one that chose this, this movie. And so I’m going into it not knowing anything. And after watching the movie, um, my husband and I decided to sum up the movie. It is essentially rock and roll versus metal or Buddy Holly versus Guns and Roses. There’s also death in the movie because death in the movie looks exactly like Slash from Guns and Roses. Pretty much. Yeah. Like top hat, hair, the whole nine yards that had been played by slash probably was uncredited. Um, anyway, so like that’s my summit for what this movie is.

07:01 But in the midst of it all, there’s a some bowlers that die. Uh, there’s really, so there are all these kind of like gangs, right? Right. So like the, the Russian punk band is like a gang. They’re a real band too. And The Red Elvises, okay. I have to say The Red Elvises totally rocked the whole movie. Like the, the music was the best part. And this probably wouldn’t have picked it if it didn’t have great music. And I think you pick this movie cause it’s a bad movie and it, but you know, it seemed mainstream enough. Like you go into it thinking, oh this might be, well, no, it’s not okay on, it’s on youtube. So if you go onto youtube and you look up Six String Samurai, you can find it. And I read through the comments after I watched it. It is essentially a cult classic.

07:52 Like I, you know, you think of the Goonies as a cult classic. You think of these other movies that people just love? I had never thought of this as a cult classic movie. Um, it obviously isn’t a big one. I mean of this underground cult classic I guess. So yeah, there’s a very small cult and Rocky Horror Picture Show It is not. It is not. It is not at all. Um, yeah, it’s a very interesting movie though. Yeah. Yeah. Um, yeah. So uh, you, you mentioned the bowlers. Yes. And uh, and it’s funny how quickly things happen in this movie cause yeah, you go from barbarians to bowlers. Yeah. So like at very quickly like it, five minutes in talking about the spinach monster, right at eight minutes and you see the bowlers. Yes. So this movie happened and the fight scenes very quickly. The fight scene is probably my favorite. The bowlers just kinda like fall. So my favorite, like pins, I think it’s my favorite line of the entire

08:56 movie. When the bowlers come in and say, while he says Buddy says bowling night is until Tuesday. And then the, the, the one of the bowlers says Nice Tuxedo, nice Tuxedo to die in. Like just said that as like a threat or like Nice Hawaiian shirt, Nice Hawaiian shirt to die in. I have not, but yeah, you should. That’s a great line. And they, and they, they pulled knives out of these bowling pins that they’re carrying around with them. They carry the bowling pins, which I found odd because like when you see bowlers, you see them carrying their shoes and their bowling balls. You don’t see them carrying bowling pins. Yeah. Yeah. That’s not a common no. Yeah. It’s not like you throw those. No. Like the bowling ball would hurt. I would like crush your skull like 15 pounds of bowling ball it’d be over. It should be enough.

09:57 No, let’s have knives hitting and pulling friends as well. Um, because a lot of knife fights in this. I mean, it is a Samurai movie. Sure, sure. So you know, there’s no guns, no guns, children or parents, well children too. You don’t have to be worried about violence. Blood in this movie that I remember, it’s not super gory. Right. It’s just kind of weird. This is for an action movie with swords and knives. It’s like the extreme opposite of a clockwork orange. There’s no ultra violence. It’s like ultra clean. It is. Yeah. The language is fairly clean. I didn’t notice a ton. Yeah. Um, I can’t think of weirdest people where the, the, that family, oh yeah. I have notes on that. I do notes on that. So basically if the barbarians follow them, there’s some who, who says “You’re it!”. Somebody says that, but I don’t remember that. Was that another random little boy? Oh, we had a weird voice and he had the super weird voice and, and then he dies and suddenly disappears. Okay. So if they die by death, like the figure I by death. Oh, right. Okay.

11:08 Death by death! Thanks. Right. So if they are killed by death, excuse me. Right. Um, the figure, then they just disappear. Yeah. But if they are, you know, killed by mortal, man. Yeah. By Buddy, they don’t disappear. So they just, but then that little boy reappeared at one point. Did he? I don’t remember that. Did he? I don’t know with when with death, he was, I believe he was with death, like the white walkers. Maybe if he kills you, then you’re part of his group apparently. Okay. Maybe, I dunno, I reading too much into this movie. They make college classes on this. People love this movie specifically to wind people. Yeah. So I do have a note on that. So, so they, they come across this family that they’re looking for a socket wrench or a socket you just as a socket. But I think he means a wrench.

12:09 And so they come across this family that invited them in for dinner. I’ll use that term loosely invite because they’re insane. Kill him. I’m assuming they want to eat them. Yeah, they’re cannibalistic. Yeah. Showing signs of cannibalism. Right. And I think buddy’s going to leave the kid with them. That was the initial impression that I got was like opted family, you’re going to go live with these guys. We’ll be safe here. They’re going to eat you until the windmill people show up. Right. And then the windmill people show up. I didn’t understand the windmill people. I don’t, I still don’t. Um, please enlighten me. Why I don’t understand. So I don’t know if anybody knows, email us. Um, please, please. What’s our email address? It’s on the website. Yeah, we have a website. It’s a Correct. Yeah, there’s a, there’s a thing on there, you can email us if you have any insight into the windmill people.

13:07 Um, I was gonna say also you can buy this movie on Amazon if you want to actually pay for it or you can watch it for free on youtube, which then you’ll want to buy it because it’s amazing and you’ll want to have it in your library. I did not buy it. I’m sorry. I didn’t either. But so the windmill people, so these basically these guys in Hazmat suits with um, like, I dunno, like homemade proton pack looking things on their backs or like, like walking around outside very slowly. Like Zombie. Like you know, like they’re walking on the moon and they’ve got these backpacks and they’re like, where they w they like vacuums but their hazmat suits have holes in them. The other thing cause you know, post apocalyptic, I guess you can’t, yeah, keep out all the germs. I Dunno. Hard to find real hazmat suits that are still intact.

14:01 I mean, have you ever seen a dystopian future movie that had real Hazmat suits? I’m just kidding. You probably never seen what I had hazmat suits. I’m trying to think, uh hunger games. Do they have Hazmat suits? Like so I don’t know. I’m kinda thinking it’s like they look like what? Um, my astronaut costume would’ve looked like if I had made one when I was at Penn as okay as my son likes to call astronauts spacernaut, four year old verbage there. Yeah. So we didn’t, we don’t understand them at all. But what we do know is buddy takes off, um, the insane family takes off with the kid and then their car breaks down cause they don’t have a socket. Right. Cause that’s all you to fix the car. Yeah. Oh cause that’s why they were looking for a socket. Right. Cause they needed that to fix the car that the kid had hot wired.

14:59 No,

15:00 maybe. I think so. Yes. Because they were driving that car when the gumballs were thrown at them. Right? Yeah. Cause they were driving and car. He had hotwired it, which, you know, for an eight year old, I’m pretty impressed. Yeah.

15:11 So, um, would you believe that all of this that we’ve talked about so far is only 27 minutes into the movie? Yeah.

15:17 Uh, oh, we better get going. I know, right? It’s gotta be over here. Okay. So really quick, he throws a sword over hand. Yes. And Kills someone, which I thought was pretty cool. Oh, that seems pretty sweet. They don’t seem that aerodynamic that they would like fly like a dart. Yeah. Like I would think tumbling wobbling would be involved. I mean,

15:37 yeah, don’t throw a throwing knife over hand or whatever, whatever. That’s my inconsistency with the movie. Um, and then since these fires, we can’t touch them all. So a buddy throws himself on the ground to make the kid stop crying.

15:53 Yeah. Uh, the kid apparently is really into like three stooges style, bodily harm type humor. The kids skins his knee and cries for the first time. Right. Um, however he does the only noise you hear him make up till now is this annoying, like, eh, like annoying wine, which as a parent you’ve heard. Sure. So let’s watch a movie with that in it.

16:20 That sounds great. Let’s get away from that by watching a movie that has it. Yeah. So yeah, he throws and flops around on the ground, like throws himself on the ground hard because the kid like laughs funny. Yeah. Yeah. So that’s a weird thing, again, that is, got some issues. Does he start talking after that? Is that when he starts talking or is it later?

16:40 Yeah, there’s a point where he, those, the child begins talking and doesn’t buddy look at him and go, oh,

16:50 okay.

16:50 It speaks. Yeah. I probably have

16:54 a note in here somewhere about it, but I couldn’t remember if that’s when it happened. Um, okay. So another great line. So there are, um, uh, he’s, he’s a sign that, that there’s somebody selling toilet water.

17:07 Okay.

17:07 Yeah. Yeah. And um, so he goes to find these people to, I think find the toilet water. I’m not really sure. Right. But, um, there is a, um, a Mexican who was also a little person. I hope I’m not being offensive to anyone, but he is. And to add to, uh, the, you know, whatever you want to call it there, he makes the comment follow the yellow brick home road homie.

17:33 Yes. That and the way hesaid it was really hilarious. [inaudible] follow the red, yellow brick road, homey and uh, yeah, another gang involved.

17:47 Right. And this part, yeah, they just look like south central, like, you know, with the, with the dew rags and the flannels buttoned up in the desert, in the desert, in the heat of Poco post-apocalyptic United States, which there obviously in Nevada, cause I mean, you know, you’re getting to Lost Vegas, right? You’ve got to already be in Nevada for sure.

18:10 Yes, yes. And it takes them only an hour and a half to get there. So yeah. Right. Yeah, I think you only see like, like one or two nighttimes or something in the yeah. And the whole movie. So yeah. They must not have been that far away. No. But this bar scene, yeah. While he’s looking for the toilet water. Oh, right. Is Pretty Hilarious to me. And um, I think it was Mark’s favorite scene as well. Oh, so yeah, when Latin kid, when the, the Latin kid kind of confronts buddy, like, Oh, you think you can be king, you think you can beat me?

18:50 So is the Latin kid, the one who says, do you know who I am? Or is it buddy that says it? He says it right? Yeah. Do you know who I am? And Buddy just says nope.

19:00 Yes. Uh, it’s that classic. It’s just nope. Nope, nope.

19:10 Yeah. So, uh, yeah, I had a kind of a note here that, that, you know, seemed to be a pivotal moment in the movie. Yes. Um, when, oh no, it was after that. So he has this whole conversation with the Latin kid. So the Latin kid’s got these two women hanging on him. Right. And He seems to be popular. And then there’s this whole thing where he picks a fight with buddy. Yeah. Buddy kinda calls him out and it’s like you’re nobody. And then, um, and, and I, he said something like, you know, and get yourself a real guitar cause he’s got like this little flamenco guitar or something.

19:45 Yeah.

19:49 Okay. So, um, yeah, so the, a few minutes after that, um, Latin guy like chases him cause the women drop him because he’s a loser now. Right, right. Cause Buddy pointed out all of his flaws. Right. So he like chases them through the desert and over the dunes. Yeah. And he, he calls him out. Um, he questions if he can be king, the kid hands him the sword and tells him he can still be a good king. Who was his buddy. Right Buddy? Cause so buddy kills the Latin kid. Yeah. We just ruin the whole movie for you anyway. But it kills the Latin kid I think will ruin the entire movie. Yeah. It’s worth watching. Even if you know everything about it. Spoilers, I guess. Yeah. Sorry. No warning. Yeah, it’s all the ways you should have said that at the beginning. Um, but yeah, so he has this, this questioning, this moment where he questions like, can I really be like this and still be a good king, you know? Right. And the kid, you know, reassures him. Yeah. You can still be a good king. Yeah. It’s all good. You know, keep the kid along to encourage you, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. Build you up a little. So, um, so I don’t remember, this is like 12 minutes after that, but I don’t remember who says it. There’s a line where I think it’s buddy who says, if you were me, you’d be good looking.

21:10 Did Buddy say that? I feel like it was buddy, but I’m not, I forgot now. You forgot? So I made that note who said it says if you were me, you’d be good looking. That’s a good line though. And then they said, the person says that’s not nice. This is how clean this movie is. Yeah. That’s their insults. That, that’s not nice. Yeah. Um, so a few minutes later there’s this crossroads thing that goes on. Um, crossroads, like my reference there as the movie crossroads old devil went down to Georgia, you know, or riff off with the devil. Yes. Yeah, yes. Yeah. And I really like, they, the music fan in me really liked this part as like they’re actually playing music. Cause up until this point there, there was very little music played by buddy and uh, obviously the kid didn’t play any music. It was, it’s just the, the soundtrack done by, um, the red, The Red Elvises.

22:11 Yeah. And so like that’s the music that’s being played. So I like this part, that interaction of that, you know, the metal music from the devil versus the great rock and roll buddy. Yeah. So the, it’s a great, this is actually a cool scene. Yeah. No, I love this. I mean I, I think I love that kind of thing in every movie. Like if you ever seen crossroads at no, I have no actually, but well we’ll talk later, we’ll talk about this later. But there’s a similar kind of thing that goes on where it’s, you know, um, in that case, like battling for, you know, his soul kind of thing. And, and here, I mean it’s very similar cause it’s like whoever loses is giving up on being king. You don’t really get that cause death doesn’t die. Right? Yeah. Well, yeah, I guess, I dunno.

23:08 I Dunno. It’s like we’ve said, this is a very confusing movie in a lot of aspects and there’s a lot of loose ends, so you’re not entirely sure who wins or loses. So like I kind of feel like the whole point of the battle they never really say is like if I win you give up, if you win, I’ll give up. Okay. Yeah. That’s that. That would make sense. Yeah. Yeah. Cause they’re both going to try to be king. Right. Death. You really want death as your, as your king. I guess that would be awful. I Vote Buddy Holly 2020 definitely.

23:46 If those are my choices. Oh, it’s not really Buddy Holly. We just call him Buddy Holly.

23:53 Yeah. I don’t even think it’s supposed to be Buddy Holly. Oh my goodness. He looks like buddy Holly with taped glasses. The glasses. Yeah. It’s all about the glasses and the tags. Yeah. Yeah. And a rockabilly guitar, rockabilly guitar and the sword. I mean there’s all kinds of references to buddy Holly here. That’s the sword I don’t think is, no,

24:13 no, no, you don’t remember that. The bit, the Big Bopper Buddy Holly Samurai sword.

24:19 Yeah, I remember that. Okay. All right. I might be wrong, I might be remembering remembering that wrong. Um, the sarcasm is thick with this one while it should be cause I’ve movie worthy of sarcasm. Um, so there is, uh, we’re, we’re nearing the end of the movie at this point and there is, um, I know who’s shooting the arrows.

24:37 Those are death’s buddies. Oh, right. Like his pals, his gang and also shooting, I’ll use that term very loosely right there. They are like, um,

24:50 okay.

24:51 It’s just, yeah, they’re just terrible. It’s like if you are throwing arrows in front of the camera,

24:57 you know, so it shows them pulling back the bow and then you see the Arrow. Yeah.

25:03 Yeah. I’m pretty sure they just underhand tossed it. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, yeah. And their aim, their aims pretty terrible. Storm Trooper and storm trooper aim for sure. Yeah. Um, yeah, they just kind of like fall loosely to the ground, but they do end up hitting buddy. Right. And uh, right. That’s when it takes an unfortunate toll. You’re kind of rooting for Buddy this whole time. Well, we’ll start to root for him. Like you’re starting to like go. Yeah, he should be the king. He can still be, as the kid says, he, you can still be a good king. He’s kind of a jerk, but oh, he’s an absolute jerk. You know, he’s been helping the kid even though he didn’t want to write. He’s kind of this kids, uh, adopted father I guess now because I’m sure. Where else is this kid going and go fostering forced upon him. Yes, he has.

25:57 So, um, yeah. So then the arrows and he gets hit. Yup. And then there’s a slow mo sword fight.

26:03 Yes. I have to say one thing about all of the fights in this movie. Yeah. They get better. So if you start this movie and you know, this fight scene is absolutely terrible. Keep watching. They do get a little better. I mean, they’re not like A list movie. Sure. It’s almost like they

26:22 filmed, the movie chronologically. I think they did like so many movies, you know, big, big movies or not filmed that way. They’ll just film scenes here and there to make, bring down costs and stuff. But this I think was just, you know, well cause I think there was only one location in this movie. Well, yeah, yeah. It was some, some guy’s 30 acres in the desert, right. I think they just borrowed a friend’s property to make this, I could be wrong. It’s like, oh, what’s up next? Bring in the Mexican little guy,

26:53 yeah, no, it’s the Russian. Oh, the Russians make like a what, two minute showing at the beginning. You’re telling at the beginning? No, at the end. Towards the end. Oh, uh, there I did make a note in my notes. I can’t remember the time stamp, but yeah, it’s towards the end of the movie. And my note was finally the Russians show up. Right. And this was right before the riff off between death and buddy and the Russian shut up right outside of Vegas, I guess. And Buddy kills them all. He’s meant to be king. Yeah, he is the chosen one until wow. Spoiler. Yeah. Death gets to him,

27:39 you know, but then, uh, I have a note at the very end here that says,

27:43 what is this, the wizard of Oz? Because death is defeated with water. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is the weirdest thing. Yeah. That doesn’t even make sense. It didn’t make sense. And the, the kid you know, is carrying on buddy’s goal I guess. And uh, at the very end you see the kid in his tattered old tux with the guitar on his back trying to get to a lost Vegas. Yeah. So, and you feel like he’s going to do it or you think he’s going to do it? I mean, I don’t know what that ends up being. If there’s a battle or if you want a 10 year old king. Well, I mean, you know, it worked for Tibet, how old was King Tut? Oh, he was young. He was young too. Yeah, it was like 12 or something. I don’t know. I guess it works. It worries on places. Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know.

28:44 Well, anyway, so that’s, that’s Six String Samara, Six String Samurai. I hope you go out and check it out. Whether that be on youtube or purchasing it with your harder and dollars. But, um, regardless, check us out on a, at Yup. Uh, and uh, hopefully we’ll have another episode soon. What is that going to be?

29:07 oh boy. It’s my turn. I get to choose this time. Alright. So, uh, I don’t, I’m not sure if this is a movie classic or what, but my mother and I stumbled upon this movie one evening and so we watched it together and laugh. Um, it’s filmed in 1944 and stars the one and only caring grant and it is called Once Upon A Time, not to be confused with a million other titles. There are so many other titles called once upon a time, but this one is filmed. Yeah, it’s absolutely the first. I’m pretty sure they stole that line from somewhere. Maybe, maybe track. It’s probably Shrek. Probably the Brothers Grimm. I don’t know if they stole it from somewhere else, but, uh, the 1990 or 1944, not 94, not 94, 1944. So we are in the throws of World War Two and, uh, we get this little gem starring Cary grant and there was a caterpillar involved. Sweet. Yeah. Like a real caterpillar. Don’t ruin it for me. Oh, we’re on for me. Okay. Okay. All right. So you can find this one on Amazon prime. Mom and I actually watched this one on Amazon prime. I am not sure about any other platforms, but it is available on Amazon. So sweet. Check it out. And that’s what we’ll be talking about next time, whenever that may be, whenever that may be. But for now, we’d better get to work. Yeah. Bye. [Theme music playing]