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Episode 3: The Monster Squad 1987

Starring: Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht
Rated PG-13
The Monster Squad Movie Poster

The Monster Squad

With Halloween soon upon us, this episode is dedicated to one of Wayne’s favorite childhood movies, The Monster Squad. Join Wayne and Nancy as they talk about what makes this such an awfully great film filled with all of our favorite classic movie monsters including Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Frankenstein’s monster, and Swamp Thing.

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00:03 [Intro music plays]

00:07 Yay. We’re back. Hey, we’re back. It’s been a crazy couple months. Yeah, we’ve all been pretty busy. Well, okay. If you work in education, you absolutely know why it’s been a crazy couple months because August and September are absolutely nuts. Yeah. Yeah. They are like, as an instructor, I have to get my syllabus together as an it guy. You’re answering all the things. I don’t know that we’ve ever mentioned that we work at a college. I don’t think we have. We work at a college, so you hit the table. All right. Edit that out later. Fix it in post. So anyway, so you know, since we’re starting this back up again, after a couple months, we would like to kind of take a moment to just say for the, you know all of our vast array of listeners out there on our last episode was, I’m like that.

01:05 But if you’re, if you are listening to the show regularly, well as regularly as we put out episodes and you are enjoying it, then what we would ask of you is if you would please rate and review us on Apple podcast because it helps other people find our show. And plus we just, it is plus we just like to see that. And we might even include comments, you know, if they’re nice or not, whatever or, or we can save them or people the main ones. No, I’m kidding. I’ll be fine. This show is terrible because they talk about terrible movies. It’s kind of the point. Yeah. All right. So this coming up you know, very, very soon. Next week is Halloween. So we thought that we would do one of my favorite childhood movies made in the year Nancy was born. We just found out, I kind of missed seeing that one in theater.

02:01 I was not in theaters. But the, the movie, the movie is the monster squad from 1987 featuring throw out how old I am. They could look it up. It’s going to be on the website. Okay. I’m 32, I’ll own it. I’m in my thirties and I was, I was year older. Yeah. I was 10. So anyways, it’s a great teen movies. So it’s got some things are a little young, but you know, like PG 13 ish. Yeah. Kind of quality to it. And that being said, what, how you had like, you pointed at me like I’m supposed to say stuff. We’ll know like, so you had made a comment before I hit record about the kind of intro. Oh, yes. Yeah. Okay. I forgot what I was gonna say. We’ll use the scroll. There’s, so there, it starts with this like star Wars, like scrolling text.

03:00 Yeah. It’s just, it’s not at that perspective, right. Viewpoint. Like star Wars, but you know, it’s this creepy eerie red font that, you know as an art instructor is, you guys are probably finding out for the first time, I was like, Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a creepy movie. And it lists off like Finn Helsing and his crew are supposed to try and destroy all this evil and blah blah blah. And then they blew it and that just comes up on the screen. And that just seeing that made me go stupid movie. Awesome. This is going to be fantastic. Is a good one for the show. This is going to be perfect for this show and like that opening like creepy intro music with all of the names listed and stuff. It was good. Good choice. Thank you. Good. Thank you. I did love this movie.

03:54 I did love this movie as a kid. So the, the first thing that I noticed in the movie was just some of the terms were so funny. Probably mainly because it was like the late eighties, but you know, like just referring to well I’m the Meow mix. I put that in my notes, but I don’t remember what it was. Oh, we’ll call him. Yes. No, because the teacher had a cat head [inaudible] they said that their teacher looked like a monster because this, these group of kids are avid monster fans. Like they read all the Dracula comics and you know, all the fun movies and whatnot. And so they draw different monsters and they get in trouble for it. So opening shot, they’re in the principal’s office and and he’s like, Oh wait, hold on. Science is cool. I dig it, man. Favorite quote from the principal anyway.

04:51 Yeah, he was pretty terrible, but I’m terrible. That’s right. Yeah. So their teacher, they’re like, they call her Meow mix because, or her looks like a cat, looks like a cat and she does she kind of know when you see her? She does. Yeah. So things like that. I’m more, we’re funny. I thought that was funny. And can we talk about the waste of sneakers? That broke my heart. So this one kid, his name is Horace and he’s bullied by these terrible kids that you’re just like, you’re awful. And they’re like, why are you fat fat kid? And he’s eating a Snickers and then they throw it on the ground and they crush it. And it was like some waste of Snickers. You mean? Mean curse? Not really, cause the bully has to eat it. Oh, that’s true. That’s not really a way that is true because Rudy saves the day.

05:41 You ever noticed how many movies from the 80s, maybe even into the early nineties, had a character called fat kid. I have never linked that together before, but this happened, they called him fat kid stand by me had fat kid. Yeah, that’s, that’s too, I dunno, it’s Oh, two movies. That’s a lot. Considering that would never happen today. No. Would not happen today because that’s not nice. All right. So I, I was the, the first thing that I like noted really well because I thought it was hilarious, is there’s a plane carrying something. You don’t know what it is, but it’s a, it’s a cargo plane, right? There’s a pilot and a copilot and they hear something and so the pilot goes to check it out. Does that eat with that? Dang. Yeah. That was your Apple watch. Wayne is so popular. That’s so cool. So he goes to check it out and the copilot says like, I’ll stay here and make spooky sounds, which I thought was funny.

06:41 Right. Foreshadow. So Dracula or, sorry, so this goes to check out the sound and all of a sudden, or doesn’t it, you have T opens a box or something, but then all of a sudden there’s a, in the bat, he doesn’t open the box. Right. It’s like looking around and there’s a bat that comes out. Yeah. And then which freaks him out, but then he turns and the bat is now Dracula. Right. And Dracula punches the pilot. Right. Which I found hilarious because he punches struggle people. He does. He like, yeah, he does. Yeah. And it’s also Rambo on them, like punches him, but nothing else. Just say, Timmy, I mentioned rainbow only because of Phoebe. The little girl who’s like, we’re not at war with German Germany, we’re at war with Vietnam. Right. Or whatever it was in rainbow, like she mentioned her, but yeah, he does punch, which is weird.

07:36 It seems really strange prior to to punch people, but that’s, you know, that’s right. So that happens and that’s kind of the start of things of the, of the plot. And so then I thought it was kind of funny that, you know, Dracula is on this plane, but then the next time you see him he’s driving like a souped up like hers, Adam’s family kind of hers with no plates and a silver skull. Yeah. Like it’s, I can’t say skulls. Gold. Yeah. Cool. Skull. I don’t know. I can’t pronounce it. Oh, it’s my Southern and me. Yeah. There’s apparently like, where did he, where did he get this cool hearse, right. That seems odd. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So where did the Hearst come from? Yeah, I think he just like, he falls out of a plane and now he’s driving ours or hers. Yeah. Okay. So plot points that maybe were cut from the film? No, probably not. No problem. Okay. all right. So what does this movie and Napoleon dynamite have in common?

08:48 What? It’s, I was not ready for the trick questions. Yeah. I’ll tell you. Explain uncle Rico is Wolf man. Did you notice that? No. Yeah, totally. John Grice is his name. Oh, I didn’t recognize him cause he was it. Oh, glory when he was on so many great movies in the 80s like I just thought of another one that we might have to watch. Oh my goodness. That’s hilarious. So my first thought was like, Oh go Rico as well, right? Yeah. Oh, okay. So the kid gets the book, right? Yeah. And I just wanted to bring it like van housing’s diary, right? It’s man housing’s diary and the mom got it at like a yard sale or something. Yeah, yeah. State sale or something. She was like, I thought you’d like it. And my first thought is how on earth did that get to like suburban America from to a house that looks like a rundown version of the John Hughes. I’m doing air quotes house. You know what I mean? Like all right. John Hughes movies had that same house, right? Yeah, yeah. It looked and that was my first thing. And then he’s flipping through it and he goes, this is German, right? No duck. [inaudible]

10:07 Well, I mean he’s like the kid is like 10 or something, but yeah, that’s true. Wow. There is so much to talk about in this [inaudible] much to talk about and we’re already 10 minutes in. So if I remember the luck because in five minutes we gotta break that. That is true. That is true. Oh, okay. So so there’s this point where Dracula is standing at the edge of like a Lake or upon right. And he like uses his hand like annotations and the, this box that was in the plane is now in this water and it’s just like floating up to the surface. And I was thinking is he using the force? Does he have like some kind of no, it’s swamp thing. Yeah. Swamp thing. Lifting it out of the water. Yeah. I liked the addition of swamp thing, but I did kind of feel like he was useless for the like, yeah.

10:55 Okay. So it’s called monster squad. So I don’t know what to call like the monster group that the, the kids are though, not the kids, but the group of monsters. Cause like the group of kids, they call themselves the monster squad, but the group of monsters or the monster horde, the monster horror. I don’t know cause yeah, we’ve got Dracula [inaudible] in the box is Frankenstein frankincense monster or Frankenstein’s monster. Yes. Important distinction. Yes it is. Although Phoebe calls him Frankenstein later, mommy, we’ve got money cause the mommy escapes from a museum rides. Yeah. And the guard doesn’t know what happened. Right. And there’s a line that’s like 2000 year old dead guys. Don’t just get up and walk out old. Apparently they do it. They do. If it’s the monster squad, yes. If it’s the monster squad movie, they know you’ve got though Wolf man or werewolf [inaudible] who wants to be locked up in a prison cell.

11:58 He doesn’t want to kill people because he doesn’t want to kill people. Yeah. And then a swamp thing. Yep. That’s it. And that’s it. The five monasteries, right? Five classic monsters. Classic monsters. And yeah, it’s the monster horde, I guess. So I wrote it. The ultimate monster group with Dracula is the leader. Yeah. He is master Frankensteined refresher was man masters Dracula. His work I guess as the smart, he’s the smart one is really the only one who the one that can talk. Well yeah. Well Wolf man does when he’s not both men, but sure. Okay, so the gay at this point, the gang is all together like the Wolf, the monster gang plus the monster squad has enlisted the help of a mid middle schooler kid named Rudy. Who’s cool. I mean he rides the Cruz bike and he’s got the Lebanon [inaudible].

12:53 What’s his name? Oh goodness. I don’t know. Ah, he was always the cool kid. Well this was always the cool kid in the eighties movies, so that’s true. Yeah. But no. Oh was it Henry Winkler? Oh, Fonz? Yeah, he can do, he looks like, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So he was, he was the cool guys. Just a little slow on that one. Yeah. He was just like a miniature version of winches, which is important that they have him later cause he’s in middle school or junior high. But we’ll get to that. Yes. Yes. Okay. So now the both gangs are all together and there’s this comment where the kid sees on like the whiteboard at home. This doctor Al you card. Yeah. And he puts together over several minutes. It takes forever. It takes him so long. It’s not mixed up. It’s just backwards, you know. So anyway, he figures out Dracula, doctor Al you card is Dracula.

13:48 Wow. yeah. And so then there’s also this moment where one of the youngest kids in the, in the monster squad gets his dad because there’s a monster in his closet. Yes. And I did make a comment of the poor kid with the mummy in his closet. His dad didn’t even look in my closet. No, he looked, he, he’s like, all you monsters outta here pretending, you know, trying to be good dad. But then the kid says he’s in the closet and he opens the closet door, doesn’t even look and he’s like [inaudible] or whatever. I was like, Oh, look at the big scary. Yeah. Covering his eyes and like, yeah, yeah. Poor kid. And then, I mean the mommy leaves, the kid is fine and the kid ends up being crying. Yeah. And I loved the quote. Later on from that scene, they’re all in their little clubhouse that they had.

14:43 How does the dog get up there? They’re always mentioned in the movie. It was, and I was like, John, get up here because it’s obviously a trap going up to get into the [inaudible] and just carry on that. That would be my main guys. How did Frankie get up there? I don’t know. Because he was broad shoulder. Yeah, that was a small trap door. But one of the kids was like, what should we name our group? How about monster squad? Guy goes, well what does squad one kid goes? I think it’s like Miami rice [inaudible] it’s like, Oh, such an eighties. Like reference right there. Totally. Alright. Alright, so well, so we’ve talked about the car and you talked about this house. That house I think is probably the house where the, where the diary came from, right? I think so. I think that was like the estate, say all that the mom went to, which then makes some sense because Dracula has set up shop in this house because that’s where the magical amulet is in the basement. Right behind the brick wall. Of course, there’s a magical amulet. It’s gonna take some time to break down this, this 200 year old brick wall. Right. So there’s like a little hole where you can see it, but yeah. Yes. I like the Dracula after he got Frankenstein awake, he was like, okay, I need you to go there, get the diary. He was like, good boy friends.

16:12 Yeah. He’s, he’s cute. Frankie’s cute. Frankenstein’s adorable. All right. So I think this is probably a good time to take a break. Yeah. Yeah. And we’ll be right back and we’re back. That was such a great break. It’s a whole like 10 seconds. We just pause longer. It’s longer in, in the virtual world. In a virtual world. Yeah. All right. Okay. So was was the house, do we think it’s van Helsing? His house? Because the man amulet and the book were both there. I don’t know. I think that’s a good theory behind it. Cause I mean he had to hide it and so he was going as far away as possible from Transylvania, like Midwest. So yeah, totally. Midwest America actually, they never say really where they are. No, they don’t. It could be on the East coast, good Bay. You just don’t know. Yeah. So yeah, he could have, you know, migrated over there.

17:06 Hmm. And then is it all, so there’s this German guy, as luck would have it, who lives like in the same neighborhood, they call him a scary German. Mary Jeremy has no name. He doesn’t is scary German. Probably not even in the credits, but he’s scary German band and the credits watch the credits. You know, I was like scary Jeremy. Man. That’s hilarious. I did not look at the guy so much. I will talk about that. Right. But but the one, the one funny thing is like the first time you really, really see him and he interacts with the kids. They are they say something like, how do you say, please don’t murder us in German. And he translates it for them. I mean, because they’re talking about him, right? Oh sorry. Yeah. and then the other thing that was funny is the German, they have the German guy translate the diary, but he has trouble, which seems funny to me because van Helsing was German and scary German guys, German.

18:06 So I don’t understand why you would have had trouble translating, but maybe handwriting it is a diary. Maybe I have a hard time [inaudible] some people who it’s quote unquote English, but I have an instructor [inaudible] y’all know what I mean? Hashtag Bay penmanship. I dunno. Right, right. Yeah. And then like the kids were like, man, you know a lot about monsters. And he’s like, I do. I do. Now that you say [inaudible] a door, did you notice it? What did you missed it? Tell me. [inaudible] The door and you see on his arm the tattoo from a concentration camp. Oh no, I saw that. Oh, monster. I didn’t put that to you in your monsters. Wow. You just brought this down for me. No, it was like the saddest moment of the whole movie. And I was like, Oh, scary. I did catch that, but I didn’t put together the monsters.

19:07 I was surprised. Yeah. Oh. Anyway. But that was, it was, it was a really poignant moment. Yes. Yes. Alright. So the next thing I have is that they looking at reading the book and everything, they decided that they need a Virgin to read from the book and very important. And so these, these kids look to the oldest kid in the group, Rudy, who’s cool and they’re like Rudy, no. Any virgins. And he does a spit take shit. Like, you know yeah. Which I just thought was hilarious. Oh, that’s a good moment. Yeah. so there is a little bit of language in the movie. Like when Frankenstein appears to the group, it’s the girl, the youngest girl who’s very young, who’s like walking him to them and she makes the comment like, don’t be chicken beep. Right. Which is hilarious because coming from like a, cause she’s the five year old, six year old girl who’s holding a freaking Stein saying finger or I think she can hold his, Hey, I’m right.

20:14 Yeah, it was funny. Yeah. So I actually, I am, I thought it was funny at that point when the kids were all walking away from the camera with Frankenstein, I was like, well the movie should just stand here is a door closing scene. But so, so there they go start going through all this process to try to get ready to defeat the monsters cause there’s like a date and time that this all has to happen. Yeah. This all exactly a hundred years has passed and so it’s tomorrow. So the, there’s classic eighties music during the montage. It’s a great montage where everybody’s getting ready. And the reason I said it’s important that they had a middle schooler or junior high kid with them is because he has shop class. So he’s able to make wooden stakes up the wooden stakes right. To kill and some killer silver bullets. Yeah. That part I was like, how do you know what caliber it’s going to be? I don’t know that the Montanan came out in me and I was like, that’s a good point. I hadn’t thought of. My first thought was like, where did you get the bullet mold? That’ll show up. I don’t think they had that in metal shop. I don’t know. Maybe they do. I don’t know. Ladies, you were in high school, were you in the 80s? I don’t know. Nineties. Okay.

21:29 That’s all right. So the song NAS. Okay, sorry. But the song that’s playing during the montage is called rock until you drop. And I didn’t look it up, but it totally sounds like mango boy and go. So I wonder if it was like Wang Chung or, or ongo Boingo cause it totally sounds like it’s a great song. You should look it up rock until you drop rock until you drop it. Okay. I’m going to look that up. Yeah, add that to my Spotify playlist. There you go. That sounds awesome. Yeah, so he’s making steaks and silver bullets. Oh, Eugene, who is the youngest boy in the group? He’s very, he’s very like what, six or seven? Very young. Anyway, he writes a letter to the army guys. Yes. That there are monsters. Come see. But that’s all he says is like a army guys.

22:19 There are monsters. Please come save us. Something like that Eugene. Yeah. Yeah. And then he is very cute off and he mails it in somehow. Yeah. Right. But Frankenstein is my favorite. I just want to throw that out there. Frankenstein’s your favorite. Frankenstein’s my favorite. Supposed to be cause he’s horrible. He always is like in everything except for actual Mary Shelley stuff. But Oh that’s true. Yeah. But in everything else he’s, but yeah, cause he’s like the sweet little sweet big guy. Yeah, he has, cause he’s, he doesn’t want to be, I mean, yeah, he was bad. He’s not bad. Yeah. Anyway. Wolfman’s got Nards right. Right before that though. Creature stole my Twinkie. Yes. Creature stole my Twinkies. Some great ones. Well man’s God will made me laugh out loud like, well what do you do with cornered by the Wolf man and it’s fat kid. Right. That’s quarter kick kick on ours.

23:22 And then when he does any doubles over, I was like, that’s just such a [inaudible] junior high. Like, I think everyone who watched this movie back then, that’s the line they remember. Yeah. So funny. I actually asked my friend Mike if you remember this movie from when he was a kid and that’s the line. Yeah, it’s a great line. Exactly. so a other funny little things that happen. Garlic pizza repels curricula pizza and then let’s go to the church cause monsters hate religious stuff. You wrote that down too. Oh it was so funny. Monsters hate religious stuff. Yeah. And then I did like how they killed the mummy. Like yes, I thought it was brilliant, but before they kill him, this is what I noted is that he can barely walk, but he somehow grabs a hold of their speeding vehicle. Right. He can barely move at all.

24:14 And this is the logic of every zombie movie, but still. Yeah. Right. Because like how do you outrun zombies? You literally just have to walk. Well there are running zombies as a whole different genre. No, I mean he could barely walk. He was a mom. We’re not going with like, but I am legend or whatever. That’s not going into that. There’s a whole nother thing. So yeah, brilliant way to kill upon me. You on rapid, she grabs the string or whatever. It’s not really string as banner rapping. Like bam. Thank you bandage. And it expanded. It is, isn’t it? It looks like it ties it to a, an arrow. Oh, that’s a bow. That’s another thing that a junior high kid does or can do is totally swiped the archery stuff during gym class class. Cause you wouldn’t have done that in elementary school.

25:05 Really. I mean, they have archery. I don’t know. I don’t, again, I’m old. So we did not cause they were like sharp figs, the little kids right at, right. So yeah, he shot the arrow and it just unraveled and it was brilliant. And I was like, Oh, smart kid. Yeah. And and Dracula, it totally ramps up dad’s anger. So, so one thing I didn’t get was like the hearse that he’s driving, they, they’re, he’s, he’s like playing chicken with the main characters. Dad, who’s a cop, he didn’t mention that before. So he’s investigating all this weird stuff going on. And he, they’re playing chicken and somehow he, you know, he goes through the car, like the Hurst becomes whatever and like ghostly and it just goes through the car, which doesn’t make any sense at all. But then he Rams into offense with the hearse.

25:57 Right. I mean, is there a switch? Does he have a button? He’s just go, I’m going to be transparent now. Yeah. I just thought that was, I mean, okay. Transparent. He’s got it. Yeah. And those are the words on his switch. Opaque. Transparent. I like it since it’s not really a thing, but it’s not Nancy’s rewriting. So yeah. So Dracula is, he’s kind of like inciting the dad’s anger throughout this next scene. Oh. So dad goes through the hearse, flips around Chase’s Dracula back to his own house. Dracula blows up the car, which still had his partner partner who was comic relief throughout the movie at that point. I liked him and I was sad. And then he was kind of like the Winston from Ghostbusters. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry. Anyway. And then the mom’s there and he’s like, Dracula is like, I’m going to get your son. And dad’s like, no, you’re not.

27:01 I’m going to get your kids. Yeah. so there was, there was a line, I think it was right then when it is it, I can’t remember who said it, but they said they said meeting adjourned and they said it in such way. It was like, was it Dracula that said? I think it was, yeah, I think so. I didn’t, I didn’t put that, but I was like, why didn’t this become like [inaudible] Olivia stuff baby? You know, like meeting adjourned, you know, like, yeah, that’s a really good closing. Yeah. Especially when Dracula says it. Well, you know, it is Dracula. He’s in like the, that Dracula look with the Cape and yeah. I don’t think we could all pull that off. No, I’m going to try it on my next meeting though. Well, Halloween is next week, so that’s true. You could just do it next week maybe.

27:47 Yes. Maybe. I am participating in a haunted trail as Pennywise, so maybe, Oh, that’s creepy. It’s totally creepy. I’m not, okay. I’m not either. I’m not, I’m really not into super scary stuff. So like I’ve never actually seen it because I’m already scared of clowns. Like you don’t have to make them any more terrifying. Side note. Yeah. That’s okay. So let’s go back to they attack the werewolf and explode him. Right. But that’s not how you kill away or wall. Right. So he just kinda like sucks back. We’ll get back together. Yeah. They don’t show you that part. They just show you like that movie is like sliding Corso, like CRA, you know, sitting up like, yeah. Yeah. That was a good boy. Yeah. Cranky werewolf this time. They have the older sister, right. Reading the passage. Supposed to be read by claims Virgin.

28:48 Yeah. and then she says, but it’s, well Steve, but he [inaudible] it doesn’t count, so nothing. [inaudible] What she’s reading isn’t working to open the portal. So they’re like, are you really a Virgin? And she’s like, well, Steve, but he doesn’t count. And they’re like, what doesn’t count? I thought that was hilarious. The kids was like, it’s not working. So, so they ended up having the little girl, girl, Phoebe. She’s adorable. She can’t even read. But scary German guys helping her. Yes. He says the German but, and then she repeats after him. Yeah. Yeah. And then Rudy, the junior higher [inaudible] like he’s pretty awesome cause he’s killing all of these are three other vampires. The female vampires. Yes. The entourage. Yeah. Right. Dracula is entourage of, of ladies harem and it’s pro. Anyway. I dunno. And so he made this with the wooden stakes and in shop class. So he’s stabbing them, using the boat. He’s waiting till they get very close. Right. He’s like, I can’t get it out of my little clever, clever. I can’t get my, ah, she’s got me. Oh, I got it. Killed you. And dramatic. And then the werewolf man [inaudible] sex himself back together and he starts attacking and the police officers are like, Hey, let’s have a wrestling match with werewolf.

30:22 Right. And after realistic, it’s very realistic. I have to say. It was just awesome. And then yeah, he werewolf man throws all the police officers off of them and Rudy shoots him with a silver bullet and he turns instantly into a man and says, thank you. Yeah. And I was like, Oh, poor guy. Only a werewolf would say thank you for being killed. Yeah. Now we can get back to throw in that football [inaudible] of Coke anymore wearable. Anyway. so they never talk about how do you kill a swamp monster? No, but they do, they kill him, right. Was just a rifle. Like apparently he doesn’t have anything special about them. There’s nothing special about him. He’s just like a fish dude. But this is probably my favorite scene. Which one? The one where they were Horus. A AK fat kid kills the swamp monster. Oh yeah. That’s the best scene he’s trying to get into the shop where his bully is like, no, no, I won’t. I won’t let you in. By the way, a little side note is one of the bullies is from the wonder years anyway. Of course you would.

31:37 So Horace has this rifle and he’s getting ready to shoot him. And he’s like, whatever shoots him and then the bullies, it’s like way to go fat kid and he cocks the gun. He goes, my name is Horace. I’m like, yeah, that was a great chorus. Yeah. So right after that, Dracula, I don’t remember who he’s talking to but he uses the B word Phoebe. Yo, that’s right. He the little girl and grabs her by the chin. Yeah. Just trying to keep this PG. But yeah, he grabs her by the Chan and he calls her that. He’s like, yes, yeah, get out of my way, you whatever. Right. And she starts crying and I’m like, well obviously you should cry. Yeah, I just thought it was scary monster that Dracula would use the term. That’s true. He’s a hundred years old. It was the perfect English. He does.

32:34 Doesn’t even make sense. I do you want to mention before he gets to Phoebe, he is like making eye contact at Phoebe and he’s walking down the street and he’s just taking out every police officer that is coming toward him without breaking eye contact. And I was like, that’s quite the entrance. Like very impressive. Especially impressive considering he got shot when he was a bat. So that was earlier, but right. Yeah. But he like punt. We go back to the punching, he’s like punching all these police officers and like not breaking eye contact, like breaking their arms and stuff. It’s very, very impressive. So, so they, they get the portal open, the bad guys get sucked away. Oh, Frankenstein saves Phoebe. He does save Phoebe. And there’s a very, very sad moment, right. Where Phoebe’s clutching onto his finger and she’s like, don’t go.

33:29 And he goes, he goes, [inaudible] not as sad as scary German man’s no concentration camp, no tattoo. But it was also, yeah. Yeah. And then the other guy that showed up on Dracula’s back. Yeah. That’s man house. It’s bad housing. And I was like, it’s a thumbs up, thumbs up, because in 1887 right, they did thumbs up, I’m sure. Right. Very realistic. Yeah. So yeah, and then all is right in the world. And then the army guys show up, the army guys show up and they go like, where’s Eugene? Which is really cheesy, but it was cute. And then there’s the, I’m somebody who’s like, who did this or you know who, who helped us with it and they’re like, we’re the monster squad or who are you kids? We are the monster squad card. Like a business guy. Like they’ve been planning this. Yeah. Well yeah, he was making business cards earlier. Well yeah, I know. Like why would you have business cards? I have no idea. Yeah. I don’t know. Seems like an odd thing to do in the midst of making silver bullets and you know what? We need the business cards. I like Ghostbusters, but and so then there’s this incredibly awful rap song. Oh, it’s the best rap song ever. That’s what I meant.

34:50 No, it’s so cheesy. It’s like, well, eighties cheesy rap song. Yeah. Yeah. It’s so bad. Did you write down any of the lines from it? No, I just thought really bad rap to close it out. Yeah. I said closing song is the cheesiest rap song get very, Oh, it’s pretty bad. So bad. I wish I had written down some of, wrote the lyrics to it. Just Google it or something. Or watch the movie, watch the movie, where’s it available? Oh, you didn’t look it up? No, we just have it on our server file. So we were able to, because we work at a college, I own it. Wayne is, I’m an it guy, so he knows all of the techie things. Obviously it looks like it is available on Hulu if you have Hulu. Otherwise you can rent it on YouTube, Amazon prime, Google play, iTunes or Vudu sweet.

35:42 So you can get it everywhere. It pretty much want to pay for it or it’s free on Hulu. Right, right. Cool. So that’s awesome. It was a funny, funny movie. Totally worth lunch. Great October movie for spooky month and mostly, okay. I mean it’s, it’s rated PG 13. But really just for language, for language, there’s no bloody violence or anything. There’s a little blood when, I mean you got a stab fam pyres but it’s not like realistic, but it’s not like 300. Like it’s not even, that’s, that’s the benchmark. Okay. Well, okay. Contract with like the bloodiest really, really graphic. Yeah. So like that’s a 10. This is like one that was almost a little bit of load almost cartoon like violence. Yeah. alright, so that’s monster squad Bostik. You should totally check it out before next the, you know, the 31st before Halloween. Yes. Yeah. And and then we are going to be back next month. We are, because things have slowed to slowed Sloan to slow down.

36:52 I am not an English teacher teacher, but yeah, it’s slowing down. Yes. Yeah. For whatever reason, August is just crazy. And then like every other semester is totally fine. Oh wow. Full. Yeah. So next week it will be now or next month will be Nancy’s pick and she is choosing, I haven’t decided yet. Oh you haven’t? No, I hadn’t decided yet. I didn’t know if I want to do a Christmas movie or not yet. Well there are also great Thanksgiving movies. I mean I love Christmas movies and I will just say I’ve started listening to Christmas music October 1st. Wow. Started. so I kind of want to pick a Christmas movie, but I didn’t know if we wanted to do that or if we wanted to wait until December. Okay. Cause I know it’s Christmas. Maybe you want to do so. Oh, want to? Yeah. All right.

37:42 Well I guess we don’t know what movie we’re doing now. No, because I couldn’t decide. So it’ll be a surprise to all of us. A surprise, all of us. But I will pick, I’ll pick a good one. All right. Maybe. Maybe we’ll create like a little teaser w as soon as we know of what’s coming so you guys know. Yes, I could watch it too. And then, yeah, they always send us your comments. You could watch it before and yeah, exactly. All right. I will, I will. I will know before the end of the week, I’m pretty sure. All right. Well, I don’t know about you, but I better get back to work. Oh, me too. Yes, yes. We’d better get back to work. Buy a lunch. Cheese. I love that nickname. I don’t know. It’s a working, working title thing. Bye guys. Bye.