Released on: 24 Jun 1983 • Rated: PG • Runtime: 96 min

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Mel Damski
Writer: Graham Chapman, Peter Cook, Bernard McKenna
Actors: Graham Chapman, Peter Boyle, Cheech Marin

Plot: After serving two decades in prison, Yellowbeard (Graham Chapman) breaks out determined to recover the treasure that he buried so long ago, alongside his son, old crew, and the British Navy.

Box Office Gross: $4,300,000

Awards: N/A








Yellowbeard (Chapman) escapes after 20 years of imprisonment with plans to set sail for his long lost buried treasure with his son and old crew by his side and while being chased by the British Navy.

Yellowbeard is certainly no cinematic marvel, but if you are a fan of Monty Python, Cheech and Chong, Madeline Kahn, Peter Cook, or Marty Feldman (you know, the Igor from Young Frankenstein), you may just love this silly, fast-paced romp on the high seas.

The movie is rated PG, but movie ratings were weird in the early 80s, and would have, at least, a PG-13 rating these days, mostly for sexual references that are made throughout the film.

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