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Episode 6: Zorro - The Gay Blade 1981

Starring: George Hamilton, Lauren Hutton, Brenda Vaccaro
Rated PG
Zorro the Gay Blade Movie Poster

Zorro: The Gay Blade

In this episode, Wayne and Nancy talk about a classic from 1981, Zorro: The Gay Blade, starring George Hamilton. This movie is zany and full of laughs but listen carefully or you might miss an amazing zinger!

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00:00:00 [Theme Music]

00:00:11 I’m Wayne and I’m joined by Nancy, Nancy. Yay. And it’s been months, months, and months. Yeah. You know, it’s funny is I had created an Instagram account for the podcast and we got a bunch of followers and we didn’t, we haven’t released an episode since then.

00:00:33 So here we go.

00:00:34 Yeah. So I think months ago when we left to last, we might have alluded to
doing this movie that we’re going to talk about today, which is Zorro the gay blade.

00:00:46 So funny, so bad, but so funny.

00:00:50 So funny from 1981, starring George Hamilton. And if you don’t know who George Hamilton is, uh, I don’t fault you for that because he’s relatively obscure to people our age and younger. Uh, but he was, he was a really well known actor, um, in his day. And this movie I think is just perfect. Like, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to watch a serious movie with him in it.

00:01:18 Yeah. Yeah. I would, I would agree with that now having watched this and then like watching him in a serious movie, I’d be like, Nope, can’t do it. It’s like, I was like, I struggled watching Adam Sandler be anything but funny. Right. It’s kinda like that. Um, like when he did Spanglish, I was just like, this is hard for me to see him not being goofy. Funny, weird. Yeah.

00:01:48 Yeah. I think it’s like that for me, for a lot of comedic actors, like I’m like Robin Williams has made some amazing serious films, but it was a really hard transition for me to see him in that way. So this was not hard cause I had never seen

00:02:02 You’re probably, you’re probably old enough that you remember him as like was any Mork and Mindy.

00:02:09 Yeah, yeah. For that. I am. Yeah.

00:02:16 I’ve only seen clips of it and never watched it

00:02:20 So good. I had Mork and Mindy flip flops when I was

00:02:23 That’s awesome.

00:02:25 They also had a chips hot wheel. So this is I’m old.

00:02:31 You are all like, I feel all the time 33 and some kid came up to me the other day and she was all talking about us millennials. And I’m like, girl, you are not What generation do you think you’re a part of? No, your gen Z, like you’re eight. She’s 15. No, you’re not a millennial for people out.

00:03:02 I don’t even know if, if people, especially younger people under fully understand the generational thing, like the names of generations, but, but whatever, that’s for another podcast. Um, Oh, I am just so you know, everyone listeners, I am not a boomer. You are not, I’m not gen X, gen X. Yep. All right. So I want to say before we start really talking about this film that the, the gay blade part of the title does just so you know, to make sure nobody thinks that they might be offended by this film. I want to say it, it does refer to which we’ll talk about, um, someone in the film being gay. Um, but I really felt like for 1981, this movie was really almost supportive of his being gay. Um, and he’s over the top. Ridiculous too. So not at all.

00:04:04 Yeah, exactly. Exactly. He’s very over the top with it super over the top. Um, so, so what, uh, what should we, should we give like sort of a synopsis of what this film is about? Sure. I’m gonna let you leave it since this was your pick. Okay. Alright. So basically, so basically we, we meet, um, Don Diego, um, who is not yet Zorro at the beginning of this movie. And, uh, he is, you know, the womanizing, I don’t know if any other version of Zorro was quite this bad in that respect, but he’s the, he’s the player, right? Yeah.

00:04:42 Like, I don’t remember Antonio Banderas is Zorro is being as womanizing as

00:04:49 Right. But he, but he really is like the, uh, you know, the Latin lover, you know, in, in this. So, um, so this, the movie kind of opens with that in Spain. I think he’s in Spain and, um, yeah. And he is notified that his, uh, father, I don’t think he knows his father’s dad. It’s like his father at re, uh, called for him to come home. So he goes home to Los Angeles and to find that his father is, um, has passed away. And, um, then he finds that his father has left him this legacy, which is they are Zorro. And yeah. And so he, uh, he takes on this responsibility sort of half heartedly, I think, in the beginning. Um, and then he gets hurt and his brother happens to show up. He’s been gone for years. He doesn’t even recognize his twin brother when he shows up. Right. Um, he’s been gone for years in the, in the, uh, British Navy. And, uh, and he is very, very flamboyantly gay, um, no longer calls himself, Ramon, but now his name is bunny Wigglesworth. This is the ridiculous we were talking about. It’s super ridiculous. Um, and he basically, uh, the Diego has Don Diego has this, uh, idea, you know, I’m hurt. And if I am sorrow, I can’t really be Zorro, but even if I could be, they would know it was me cause they saw us or I’ll get hurt. So maybe you can be Zorro. Right. And he sort of halfheartedly agrees to do that. Um, and hilarity ensues.

00:06:41 But even up to that point, there’s just, there’s so many funny lines. And I wrote this note, um, that when you first start watching this movie, you get the impression it’s just going to be another Zorro movie, like all the rest, then the title shows up and you know, it’s going to be unique. It’s going to be different. And it’s, I like that about it because I grew up watching the old, black and white sorrow on, um, Nick at night. And, you know, I finished watching my Nickelodeon shows and I would, you know, Ren and Stimpy and then I’d watch Nick at night. And I watched a lot of, I love Lucy and stuff like that, but Zorro is my favorite. And so I always watched the black and white version of it. So I was excited Zuora movie. Cool. And it’s totally different. It shifts, it’s so fun. And the, you know, the brothers working together to try and keep the identity a secret and then all of this stuff. And then just the turtle. Um, it seems so random if somebody has the Mark of Zorro recognize this sign, is it? Oh, yes. Yes. And you’re easy to,

00:08:04 It’s a Z.

00:08:08 That is how my, my little daughter in school, she draws her too.

00:08:15 There’s just these funny scenes, like the ending anyway. So yes, obviously we should start at the beginning. We’ll sure.

00:08:24 So, um, so the very first line that I made a note of is when he is caught, um, with another man’s wife caught by her husband and the guy is, uh, you know, he draws a sword and, you know, challenges him and he makes his comedy. He’s like, he’s like, why don’t we do this? Right. You know, make an appointment, find a convenient spots that does just fantastic. And then, so he’s kind of telling the guy, like I am the very apitomy of Spanish nobleman, I’m doing a horrible accent. I should stop. And, um, and the husband who’s older is, uh, you know, he makes some comment like, you know, I could take on like four men with swords and he’s like, that is why I brought to my five brothers. So these five men barge in and start fighting him. And, uh, and I think is it, Oh, it’s right after that, that he gets the note, notice that his father wants at home. And so he had some to Los Angeles. Is that how

00:09:28 I think so. And then when he gets the news, see, I didn’t really watch the, the beginning of it. I re watched the end of it to make sure that I got some notes down, but how does his dad die? Don’t they talk Oh yeah.

00:09:46 Back to Los Angeles. Um, cause you don’t find out until after he gets back home. So he gets home to Los Angeles and he makes this comment. He’s like, he’s like, um, you know, uh, he says something like Los Angeles, California, the birthplace of me, which I just thought was great. Like he’s like he’s, you know, really super important. Um, so then his, um, uh, childhood friend Esteban shows up right after he gets there. Um, and Esteban is the one who tells them that his father’s passed away. And it was because a turtle was in the road and spooked his horse, which fucked him, I guess. And, and he died and, uh, Esteban says, but do not worry. The turtle has been executed.

00:10:37 Thank you. Did you kill the turtle?

00:10:41 They killed the turtle for killing, for killing ’em.

00:10:45 That was the, that was the first line where I was like, this is awesome. So far I almost don’t catch it. Cause he says that so fast. Yes. Yeah. The turtle of course has been executed and then he like just keeps going.

00:11:00 So I love, cause I think this is a great place to mention. I love the comments between, um, the, so Esteban is the out call day. So he’s the leader of the town is like the, I’m assuming like the mayor maybe, um, or governor or something. I don’t know. But, um, he and his wife Florenda, um, and Diego grew up with her as well. So, um, yeah, so they there’s these comments between the alcohol day, who’s a jerk, um, OB in its obvious right away. And his wife, you know, like, um, Don Diego has this, uh, sidekick named Pocco who was mute. And so when he introduces Pako to Esteban, he says, you know, this is my mute servant. And uh, Esteban makes a comment like, Oh, maybe my wife, maybe he could give lessons to my wife in being a mute, you know?

00:11:58 And I did, I did pull out a quote from the very end that I liked one of their conversations. Cause their conversations to me were just like that bickering. Like they don’t really like each other, they’re just together and they just bicker back and forth. And it’s so funny.

00:12:16 No, I love that. Um, I love that Esteban congratulates Diego for something. I don’t remember what right at the beginning, when they first see each other again, and then they go finds out that he married Florenda and he’s, he says, well, now I must congratulate you. And Esteban says, Oh no, my friend, this time you deserve the congratulations for not marrying Florenda, you know?

00:12:40 Yeah. You didn’t end up with her.

00:12:45 Congratulations do. Um, so, uh, yeah, so they, they meet and it’s a pretty obvious that, uh, he wasn’t really killed by a turtle and um, and then he gets home and with Pocco and it’s pretty soon after that, that, um, that you find out that the, they have this legacy of being Zorro and that the father has left this legacy to him, this Cape and mask and hat and sword. Right. Um, but it sounds like it’s been like 50 years since Zorro has had to be active.

00:13:23 Right. And had been a long time, that scene where he finds out. I like, I just wanted to mention the, the woman that brings and Consuelo, she, she has on her back this giant coffin and he’s telling her different parts of the room to put it in and she’ll walk that way. And then I’ll be like, what are you crazy? And I’ll go put it over there. And she’s super old and she’s all hunched back with this coffin at the mask of the row and the whole uniform and everything in it. But she like makes her move all around. And it’s just, it’s really funny to watch it. It’s one of those physical comedy things that, Oh yeah. It’s just so funny.

00:14:14 Yeah. You’d really have to see it. I think,

00:14:16 Yes. It’s one of those scenes that it’s hard to talk about. Right. But it is really hilarious

00:14:22 Seeing his level of he’s just this arrogant aristocrat, you know? And so, yeah. So that’s, that’s really funny to me. Um, and so let’s see. So then he meets, um, well actually right before that, I think he meets Charlotte Taylor Wilson. Who is this American? Well, I guess they’re in America, but she’s this, um, she’s not from there. She’s from Boston. I think we find out later and, um, somewhat, uh, fluent and affluent and, um, she is for the people. So she is trying to, um, you know, get the people to rebel against tyranny, which they haven’t had a tyrant until the I’ll call day, the new I’ll call day. So I don’t know why she decided to show up at this point. Cause that’s really,

00:15:13 It’s weird. They don’t really explain her, the instigating scenes that get her there. She’s just there.

00:15:25 Yeah. Cause the previous leader or I’ll call day was Don Diego is his father. So, um, I don’t know. It just seems weird cause he was a good leader. So I don’t know. Um, so anyway, there’s this like

00:15:39 Don’t poke holes in it. It’s not supposed to make sense. Sorry.

00:15:45 Kind of make it too deep. Um, so, uh, so Charlotte Taylor Wilson is, uh, wants the people to like rebel against the tyrants and the um, the greedy bloodsuckers, which is what she refers to all of the dawns, which the dawns are the, you know, the wealthy affluent members of society. So when he introduces himself, he’s like, I am with the greedy bloodsuckers. Um, so there’s these great conversations between he and her that I just think they’re fantastic. Like her name is Charlotte Taylor Wilson. And so at one point when he starts to realize that she must come from money, he says,

00:16:26 What kind of person can afford three names, Charlotte Taylor, Wilson.

00:16:32 Um, and then, and the other one,

00:16:40 Yeah. You have to pay for extra names

00:16:43 And, and another comment he makes to her about that, about her being, uh, from money, as he says, like that you smell of expensive colognes, not like the ship oil, which is like, um, the ship oil. And it was like in the ocean,

00:16:58 No, the ships and the fields, which is like what ships in the fields. He was like, no, no, the sheep’s with the bababa. Oh, that scene was so funny, but ships in the field and that’s a seeing that like, they’re just going back and forth with his accent. It comes up several times where she’s trying to correct the way he says things like vulnerable another one later at the end anyway.

00:17:33 Yeah. Cause they’re all like, these are all BS. So like his name is Diego, this is Diego Bega it’s Vega. Right. He says big every time. So yeah. Which

00:17:45 It’s always trying to correct the way he speaks. All right.

00:17:50 Um, so, so, okay. So he becomes Zorro. Um, and during that scene where he’s defended, he’s fighting off this, uh, well tax collector, but he doesn’t know that at the time. Um, and he makes this comment to him is like, um, I am prolonging the dual because I can see that you need the practice.

00:18:17 Yeah. I forgot about that line. But yes, I have a note about the tax collector and that was, it must’ve been that way. So some of these are practice

00:18:30 Some parts of this movie and the way he treats people, remind me a lot of, um, like the princess bride. Yeah. And then yeah. Cause he’s this amazing sword fighter. Um, but nobody else really compares. So yeah. Um,

00:18:51 It’s like, he’s a blend of, um, Wesley and uh, Inigo Montoya. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Is, did I say his name? Right? I probably said it wrong. There we go. And Wesley like together, cause like he’s good, but he’s got the quick wit of both of them, but it’s just funny. It’s a really good,

00:19:16 I would say if you look, if you love the princess bride, you would probably love this one.

00:19:20 You would probably Leah, you probably like it. And is his mute servant? Uh Pocco is also very good at physical comedy throughout the movie. And like when they’re walking and talking and he’s jumping in every window as they’re walking down the street, he’s like walking in the he’s in the prison and then he’s just like jumping in every way. You just see this

00:19:48 Well. So I think since you mentioned Pako, it’s important to mention that, um, that Zuora or Diego has, um, Pako read all of his letters to him, which is really funny because Pacos mute. So every letter he receives, he’s like, why don’t you read it to me? And it’s, it’s like a really quick game of charades and he always gets it right away. Like what he’s trying to say, you know? So I thought that was pretty funny cause it happens like three times.

00:20:18 It does. It’s funny. That happens three times, but yeah, it happened several times for your life. That’s just the game of charades.

00:20:28 So there’s a running gag throughout the movie. Um, so there’s this great, um, line when he gets his, um, when he gets the sword and the mask, this is going back just a little bit. But as he’s reading the letter from his father, the letter says something like this, you know, I’m, I’m bestowing upon you this to defeat whatever this mask, blah, blah, blah. You know, and then this hat, which needs re blocking.

00:20:57 Yeah. I actually wrote that down too. And this hack, which means

00:21:02 It’s three buckets, which, I mean, that part totally reminded me of like an airplane movie, you know?

00:21:08 Yes. This whole movie actually reminded me of airplane just because of like the, just the, the way they do things like, you know, an airplane, do you want it smoking or non-smoking and they have a smoking, like the ticket is actually smoking. And this was just one of those things, like the ships in the fields and just don’t call me Shirley. Like it kind of went back and forth, the miscommunications, the funny physical comedy of it. And then, uh, just taking everything so concrete and literal and changing the meetings and things. And so anyway, that was all

00:21:49 Well, it was, it was made in 1981, right around the same time as the airplane movie. So it kind of makes sense. That was just somewhat the comedy of the day. I think. So. Um, so let’s see there is after he defeats the tax collector, um, he, he he’s basically he’s giving this sort of, it’s not a monologue cause he says it after the fact, because it’s an epilogue, but he says, he says something like, you know, I am Zorro to, uh, defend the helpless to blah, blah. I don’t remember all of it, but he says, and to defeat the fetus,

00:22:34 That was great. That one was great. So many great lines.

00:22:38 There really are. So the, when the tax collector gets back to Esteban and he’s like, there’s this masked vigilante. And uh, he’s like, his name was like zero or something. Yeah. Yeah. And so that happens at this masked ball that flirt Florenda is that her name Florenda is throwing. And so when he points out zero to Esteban, he’s like, that’s him. So he’s L and Pako was dressed as a bear, but everyone thought he was a dog. Right. Well, except for Zuora who thought he was a duck, which doesn’t make any sense at all. But, um, but anyway, so he says, you know, he was with this hideous dog. So now when he points them out and he’s dancing with Florenda, Esteban says, Oh, then the hideous dog you are referring to must be my wife. Hey, that is another one of those little,

00:23:34 Yeah, they man, they went back and forth a lot. And then he one liners in it though. And then he is at the ball and everything and they’re doing stuff and he gets away and while he’s getting away, he gets injured and that’s when the brother comes

00:23:51 And the, and the alcohol day sees him jump and hurt himself. So now they’re thinking, well, it’ll be easy to find them now because we just look for somebody with a hurt leg. Right. Um, so he basically is trying to stay off of it. Um, and the alcohol goes to talk to his old friend, Don Diego. And, um, he, there’s this fantastic scene where essentially he’s like, let me see you walk. And he’s like, you’ve seen me walk a thousand times, you know? And he’s like, but you always do it with such grace. You know? So there’s this little almost like he knows that he might be Zorro, you know? So he not only

00:24:31 From the princess bride again, like when Wesley’s in the bed and he’s like, Oh, you’re a few weeks. If I put down your sword and like, yeah, it’s, there’s a lot of parallels too.

00:24:44 Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So he not only makes him walk around the room, um, he makes him run and jump and dance. They do this little dance where he’s like, we’re running and walking and dance and jumping, we’re running, we’re walking, we’re done. And so they’re doing this little thing and I’m on his like broken foot, but he totally like tries, you know, plays it off and it’s all good. Um, Oh, and we should mention that Florenda has snuck into his room just before her husband showed up yes.

00:25:15 And has to hide, right? Yeah.

00:25:20 Um, yeah, so she, she’s pretty awful, but, but she’s fun because you know, in the way that her comments and such, she’s very sarcastic and snarky and um, so she’s great. So she hides in the coffin box, which okay. I have to make a comment here. So if Zorro, I’m kind of, I’m kind of attributing Zorro to being like Mexican Batman. Yeah. Right. So he fights injustice all in black. Um, he’s welcomed. Yeah. He doesn’t have any super powers, but he has a game and a lot of money and a lot of money. Exactly. So, um, but, but Batman has all of this stuff hidden. The new Zorro has his stuff in this basically coffin standing up in the middle of his living room.

00:26:05 Yeah. And who wouldn’t go, why do you have a conference?

00:26:10 Right. It seems odd. Um, so anyway, flew into hides in this coffin thing. And at some point, the I’ll call day like runs his sword through the box to which Diego is like, you know, he kind of freaks out because she’s in there, but the call is like, what’s the matter? And he’s like, this is just, it’s a family heirloom. And it’s just to me, it’s like, Oh, hi, I’m sorry. I just get so upset. You know? Um, so she’s fine. And she makes a comment about she’s she was sideways and she makes a comment about her chest being small. And she’s like, like, thank God for small favors.
Speaker 2 00:26:57 So

00:26:59 That was pretty funny. All right. So, so, uh, we should jump to bunny. Yes. We’ve said, Oh my gosh. Bunny shows up on horseback from the British Navy. And he and bunny is Ramon. Uh, Diego’s goes twins. Right? Who the father, he wasn’t masculine enough. So their father sent him away to the British Navy, I guess, or something. That’s kind of what he explains. But, um, and he is no longer bunny or he is no longer a Ramon is now bunny Wigglesworth.

00:27:38 Right. Right. Which is a great name.

00:27:40 It’s totally ridiculous. Yeah. Um, Oh God, that one. So, uh, Diego was trying to figure out who this person is. Cause it’s been years since he’s seen him and bunny makes this comment and says, in fact, we were once womb mates. Oh yeah. So he’s like, Oh God, you are my long lost brother Ramon.

00:28:09 Oh, I did write that down.

00:28:13 Oh God, it’s terrible.

00:28:15 Which is funny because I know several sets of twins and they say that a lot. Like we were womb mates,

00:28:23 You know, it’s not an original joke, but it’s an awful,

00:28:26 Oh, it’s terrible. Yeah. It’s funny.

00:28:30 So he, so he kind of, uh, has, you know, has this idea that because he can’t be Zorro and this, his twin brother, maybe bunny could be Zorro for him. Um, but bunny is not good with a sword and he makes this really funny comment. I think it’s funny. I don’t know where he’s like, well, actually I’m not all that bad with a whip.

00:28:56 Yes.

00:28:58 This movie’s very clean, by the way, for some of the things we’ve just done,

00:29:03 The comments that come out of it, like it isn’t clean movie. There’s no outrageous, there’s no sex scenes there’s in, what is it? Uh, hints to things like that. But yeah, they allude to things. They allude to a lot of things. That’s the word I was looking for. Allude. They allude to a lot of things, but it is a clean movie, but it’s so funny. And it’s just hilarious. So yeah. He’s good with the web.

00:29:35 Good with the wind. And then my next note after that is he’s trying to, Diego is trying to figure out what’s wrong with this, why this wouldn’t work. And he says, he says, there’s something wrong with his bowels and bunnies. Like my watch, because he’s very British sounding. Yes. It’s like my watch. And he goes, your bowels, you know, you’re ah, EE, Ooh. You know, and he goes, Oh my vowels, you know? Yeah.

00:30:03 The whole B thing throughout the whole movie.

00:30:08 Oh. So funny. So, um, so anyway, he decides he will do this and there’s this great scene where he we’re bunny is half Zorro and half bunny, um, like painted. And he does this thing where he turns one way and he speaks like Zorro. And then he turns, the other way is like, help me. I’m being attacked. And then he turns the other way, I will help you. I am Zorro, you know? And it’s really funny. Um, so he decides he’ll do it, but he doesn’t use a sword. Um, and he makes a comment that I don’t remember what the comment was, but something about wearing all black, wasn’t really going to work for him.

00:30:50 Right. And I don’t remember what that comment was either, but I did love

00:30:55 Something about Zorro style. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:30:59 And then the, what, what he ends up being in his

00:31:03 Amazing. Yeah. So it’s basically the Zorro costume that you, you know, everybody would be familiar with, but every time he shows up, it’s a different color, all one color. So the first time it’s plum and then it’s banana and I’m using fruit names on purpose because there’s a whole thing about that in the movie,

00:31:24 The app, the Apple anyway, the avocado. Yes.

00:31:28 And so, yeah. Anyway, well go ahead.

00:31:31 The last one is gold though. And I don’t know how

00:31:35 I think by that point, the I’ll call day has already forgotten about it being fruits and vegetables so matter. Um,

00:31:44 I won’t spoil it and we’ll just keep going chronological.

00:31:47 That’s the whole point of the show we spoil every movie. Um,

00:31:50 Oh, we will eventually, but I don’t want to like jump to the end, goes up in the gold and like ruin that until it’s time.

00:32:00 So, so one, a great line from this movie, right after that point is when a bunny, as Zorro says, there’s no shame in being poor, only dressing poorly.

00:32:12 Yes. I love that line.

00:32:17 So Charlotte throws herself at bunny. She, you know, professes that she loves him and would do anything, literally anything for him. And, uh, he tells her he’s like, we could go shopping too, which she seems confused, but it’s fine. Right. Um, there, there was a line, I don’t know if you this, but at some point I don’t remember who even says it, but somebody calls them a swish buckler.

00:32:47 I didn’t catch that instead of swashbuckler.

00:32:53 Oh, a switch buckler. Yep. Um, so then there’s this point where the alcohol, they, they know that he talks different differently. He has a list, you know, that kind of thing. So, uh, at some point they’ll call that goes back to Diego and he is trying to get him to speak in that way. So he can see if it’s him, because he’s really starting to think it’s him. And so say something like a sissy boy. And so he tries to get him to speak with a list and then he’s like, swing your hips. And they’re doing this whole little dance thing and talking and, you know, sort of like bunny does, but not quite, he does a great
job of impersonating himself as bunny poorly.

00:33:35 And that’s the, um, the fun thing about this movie is that he’s the same person playing two different characters and he differentiates between the two so well, and then he impersonates himself, again, being somebody else is a really good actor. He really

00:33:58 Surprisingly is to be able to do it.

00:34:02 Good actor. And then you don’t think of that, you know, when you’re like, Oh, okay, cool. We’ll watch this eighties movie. And then the actors go ahead.

00:34:12 Right? Right. No, I thought, I thought he was much better than I thought he would be when I saw this the first time, which I saw this the first time, like 10 years ago. So, um,

00:34:24 Oh, I was going to say in 1981,

00:34:27 I would have been five. So no, I didn’t see us currently. Um, right. Uh, so, uh, anyway, there’s other stuff happens and um, um, the alcohol day is basically told by somebody over here, is it that Zorro has this necklace stole this necklace? That’s a whole big thing that happens. Um, and so he decides, Oh, and he gave the necklace to Charlotte Taylor Wilson. So y’all call day has this brilliant plan. We will arrest Charlotte Taylor Wilson and kill her like public execution that will surely draw him out, you know, to come save her.

00:35:10 Well, does he want to talk about how the necklace gets stolen? Oh, cause that’s a great scene.

00:35:18 That is a great team. So, so, so Diego gets everybody who, all the men who were invited to this party to dress as Zuora. So now they all call day has no idea which one it could be. Right. Except bunny shows up as Diego’s cousin. I don’t remember her name.

00:35:40 I don’t re I don’t remember either, but he’s dressed as a woman and kind of that. And just

00:35:46 Many eighties movies when men are dressed like women, the bad guy finds him very attractive.

00:35:53 Yes.

00:35:55 So strange to me that was such a theme growing up, there were so many movies like that. It was. Yeah. Um, yeah. So then bunny being a woman is then able to slip into the bathroom with Lorenda and this whole thing is going on and he’s able to steal the necklace

00:36:14 And he’s got his, his hand on the, was it on the back of her neck or something. And it’s like flinging her forward around. And then she comes out of there and she’s like, Oh, he had hands like a gorilla. Or she had, she had hands like a gorilla. She comes out and they’re all just yelling

00:36:37 Right back and forth. No idea what she has, no idea what’s going on.

00:36:42 And then she finally realizes that it’s her necklace. And then come back and bunny has written a Z and lipstick on the mirror.

00:36:51 Right, right, right. So then they, so then they go in search of bunny, you must be Zorro. And Diego was like, I can’t believe that he fooled me. Like there, she fooled me like that, you know, which is funny that it never comes back to Diego. Right. Never. So anyway, so then this whole thing happens with, um, they take Charlotte Taylor Wilson and they’re gonna kill her. And so Zuora shows up and,

00:37:17 But he finds out that they’re going to kill her from Pako. Who’s jumping in the windows, eavesdropping on this conversation. That’s where the jumping and the windows scene came in. Remember that.

00:37:31 So, so he shows up and he basically says, you know, trade her life from mine. And, um, Oh, and he is sent bunny off home by this point, like right before this bunny is back off to the Navy, this was just a, a brief hiatus. So, um, he, you know, says trade her life for mine. Take me instead. Um, don’t unmask me though for the sake of my family. Don’t unmask me in public. Right. To which the alcohol they agree is cause he doesn’t really care. He just wants to know who it is and he’ll find out in a minute. Right. He’ll find out very soon. So, um, uh, Oh, so then there’s this great line when everything bunny shows up and, and uh, says one bit

00:38:21 Bits, four bits of peso, all for Zorro, stand up and say so.

00:38:27 And so the whole town goes crazy and they all start battling the tyrants and you know, the military and police or whatever. And he is wearing gold

00:38:36 Head dispo. So in gold and very fabulous with his gold,

00:38:43 With yes. With his gold whip. Um, and so then there’s this line where the, where Zorro has a knife. I think this is what it was. Zuora has a knife to the Al called his throat and they’ll call this says, I know you would not kill an innocent man or me for that matter. He’s far from innocent. Right? Yeah. So, yeah. So then they defeat the alcohol day. And I think you mentioned something about the wife Lorenda at the end. Okay. So, um, this is before

00:39:17 They’re going to try and capture before this whole ending, where funny shows up and they’d feed everyone. Um, and she’s talking about how like, Tara is going to come and like sacrifice his life for hers. And she goes, would you sacrifice your life for me? And he goes, please don’t make me laugh. My stomach is upset already.

00:39:42 Right. Which is perfect because at the point where they catch the alcohol day, he gets down on his knees and you know, was holding FLIR into his hand. And he’s like, like you, my lovely wife, you will not leave me in my time of need. And she, I don’t remember what she says, but she just walks away. Yeah. Yeah. She doesn’t sleep. Does. I mean, you totally set her up for that. If he, maybe if you hadn’t made that comment well

00:40:11 In the hall.

00:40:13 Yeah. She was just in it for the money really. Right. Yeah. Um, so then the, the movie ends on this, um, instead of just saying the end, it says Z and Oh, something really, really important. I think it’s important that we forgot to mention. And it, it adds to how ridiculous the movie is, is that when bunny is Zorro, every time he makes the Mark of Zorro with his whip, instead of just being a Z, which would be easy enough for the web, maybe I guess,

00:40:47 I don’t know. I’ve never tried to use a web.

00:40:49 So, you know, with the sword it’s this, but with a whip, it would, you know, but instead of just doing the Z, he spells out Zorro every time. Yeah. Like the whole name. So it’s funny because it lasts for like 45 seconds. It’s almost like a family guy scene because it’s like, while you just see him with a big grin on his face, as he’s doing it, you know,

00:41:23 Which is really impressive, everything about it because like the whip like that’s, so I guess he is pretty good. Not real.

00:41:32 So, so I, I love this movie and I will probably watch it again at some point in the future, because it’s one of those that I would just watch again and again yeah. It’s, it’s worth, it’s worth it for a silly, silly, silly. Yeah.

00:41:49 Yes. I would agree. Like it’s an, it’s another one that you can rewatch. It’s like Spaceballs, you know, you’re going to find something you’re going to catch something in there. Again, like every time as I’m watching it, I watched it twice. Um, but many months apart, and I didn’t take as good a notes as I normally do, which is just sometimes I just do that. I just don’t um, like with possums, I didn’t take good notes either. So I’m going to have to rewatch that one again and take better notes.

00:42:24 I took very good notes and that’s our next one.

00:42:26 Right? That’s our next one is possums. Um, and I think that, because we were supposed to record this in February and I thought football movie, super bowl February, let’s do a football movie. Um, but anyway, it’s one of those that you could rewatch again, pick out little things. Like, I didn’t hear him say swish buckler, like those kinds of just different, the different comments that are made very quickly. Like, you know, the turtle of course has been executed. They cope very quickly. And so if you can watch it again and again, it’s a good movie and it’s, I wouldn’t say it’s like a great movie. Cause you know, it’s not like the Titanic or any of the Lord of the rings, those iconic movies. It’s just a funny, good, funny movie.

00:43:21 Super fun. So I actually, because of this movie, I’m looking at George Hamilton, I want to add a movie to our list, which is love at first bite

00:43:31 Vampire.

00:43:33 Yup. And it’s George Hamilton earlier than this. I think this is like sound even better. Yeah. Yeah. But I think it’s probably pretty close to as campy as this. Yeah. So, um, should we also mention that we may have some, a little mix up of people, um, uh, participating in these as, um, initially we were supposed to have our friends, Carly and Medford, um, join us. Right. And now they’ve moved. Uh, but because of all this stuff and everybody using remote things like zoom, um, it’s gonna make it in a way easier for us to do this.

00:44:17 Right. And I mean, like I’ve been on campus a couple times, but not very often enough that like we could do this in person together. So this is a cool way to include Carly and Medford. I’m really excited cause I miss them since they had to go and move away. So that should be fun to add some different dynamic to this. So yes, and different styles of movies because they like different styles of movies than we do. And like the ones that we typically pick, I feel like they kind of have a theme almost. Maybe not they’re they’re campy and fun. They’re fun. Think med word. And Carly, like more of the, part of the original idea of this podcast, which was awful movies. So plain awful get into some worst movies. Right. Possums though, like I’m excited about possums because it’s not a bad movie. It’s just the concept of the whole movie. Just the idea of the fake football team and all that. It’s just hilarious. And I agree. I’m excited about it. It’ll be fine. Well, that will be our next one. Then we’ll be possums. So be watching out for that in the very near future, hopefully who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow? Or did you have anything else you wanted to add Nancy? Nope. That was it until next time, Lunchies. Yeah.

00:45:57 [Theme Music]