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Harold and Maude

Released on: 20 Dec 1971 • Rated: PG • Runtime: 91 min

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Director: Hal Ashby
Writer: Colin Higgins
Actors: Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort, Vivian Pickles

Plot: Young, rich, and obsessed with death, Harold finds himself changed forever when he meets lively septuagenarian Maude at a funeral.

Box Office Gross: N/A

Awards: Nominated for 1 BAFTA Award3 wins & 3 nominations total








Harold and Maude, directed by Hal Ashby and released in 1971, is a remarkable film that defies traditional conventions and touches the depths of the human spirit. This offbeat dark comedy tells the story of Harold, a young man fascinated with death, and his unlikely friendship with Maude, a free-spirited 79-year-old woman. Through their unconventional connection, the film explores themes of life, mortality, and the transformative power of human connection.

The plot follows the unlikely bond that forms between Harold, played by Bud Cort, and Maude, portrayed by Ruth Gordon. Harold, obsessed with death and disillusioned with life, finds solace in attending funerals and staging his own elaborate suicides. However, when he meets Maude, an irreverent and vivacious woman, his perspective begins to shift. As their relationship deepens, Maude imparts her zest for life and teaches Harold the beauty of embracing the present moment.

The themes explored in Harold and Maude are both profound and timeless. The film delves into the meaning of life and the choices we make in the face of mortality. It challenges societal norms and celebrates the authenticity and individuality of its characters. Through its unconventional love story, the film reminds us of the importance of living fully and cherishing every precious moment.

Bud Cort delivers a nuanced and captivating performance as Harold, capturing the character’s melancholic demeanor and hidden vulnerability. He navigates Harold’s emotional journey with subtlety, gradually revealing layers of complexity beneath his seemingly detached facade. Ruth Gordon shines as Maude, infusing the character with warmth, wit, and wisdom. Her spirited portrayal adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the film.

Hal Ashby’s direction strikes a delicate balance between dark humor and tender poignancy. He skillfully guides the narrative, infusing each scene with a unique blend of whimsy and introspection. The film’s tone seamlessly transitions from moments of bittersweet reflection to lighthearted comedy, creating a truly memorable and captivating viewing experience.

The film’s score, composed by Cat Stevens, perfectly complements the story and enhances its emotional impact. Stevens’ evocative folk rock melodies serve as a backdrop for the characters’ journey, capturing both the somber and uplifting moments of the film. The cinematography and production design, though understated, effectively capture the contrasting worlds of Harold and Maude, highlighting their distinct personalities and outlooks on life.

Harold and Maude excels in its simplicity, relying on authentic performances and intimate storytelling rather than flashy special effects. The editing and pace allow the film to breathe, allowing the audience to fully absorb the characters’ experiences and emotions. The dialogues, filled with insightful musings and witty exchanges, contribute to the film’s charm and philosophical depth.

What truly resonates about Harold and Maude is its ability to evoke a wide range of emotions. It provokes introspection, forcing viewers to reflect on their own lives and consider the pursuit of true happiness. The film celebrates the unconventional, challenges societal expectations, and reminds us to embrace the beauty and joy that can be found in the most unexpected places.

While some may find the film’s dark humor and unconventional approach challenging, it is precisely these qualities that make Harold and Maude a remarkable and enduring cinematic gem. Its ability to navigate delicate themes with grace and authenticity sets it apart from conventional romantic comedies.

In conclusion, Harold and Maude is a cinematic masterpiece that defies categorization. With its poignant storytelling, exceptional performances, and profound themes, it invites viewers to question societal norms and celebrate the richness of life. It is a film that will stay with you long after the credits roll, reminding you to embrace each day with passion, love, and a zest for life.

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